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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of sauce is on the table?
(a) Ketchup.
(b) White sauce.
(c) Hot sauce.
(d) Prima Sauce.

2. Why doesn't the man recognize Alex for what he did to him?
(a) They met a long time ago and the man does not remember Alex.
(b) Alex was wearing a mask when they last saw each other.
(c) They have never met before.
(d) The man has brain damage.

3. What does Dr. Brodsky think music is?
(a) The greatest thing in the world.
(b) A useful emotional heightener.
(c) A good accompaniment to violence.
(d) A silly pastime activity.

4. What does Alex think about rather than killing a fly?
(a) Giving it his home.
(b) Killing Dr. Brodsky.
(c) Letting it fly free.
(d) Feeding it sugar and keeping it as a pet.

5. What word has a real lovely zvook?
(a) Release.
(b) Horrorshow.
(c) Violence.
(d) Beethoven.

6. What does Alex want to do after the high from his milk subsides?
(a) Kill everyone.
(b) Kill the bartender.
(c) Kill Bog.
(d) Kill himself.

7. Who was the youngest member of Alex's old gang?
(a) Dim.
(b) Alex.
(c) Georgie.
(d) Pete.

8. Who has F. Alexander been on the phone with?
(a) The police.
(b) Alex's parents.
(c) The press.
(d) Various people.

9. Who are the police officers who come to Alex's aid?
(a) Pete and Billyboy.
(b) Georgie and Pete.
(c) Dim and Pete.
(d) Dim and Billyboy.

10. Where does Alex go after the Korova?
(a) An alleyway.
(b) The public library.
(c) The police station.
(d) Back to his parents' house.

11. What happened to the man's wife?
(a) She is in prison.
(b) She is vacationing in Switzerland.
(c) She died.
(d) She left him for another man.

12. What is the last film Alex sees about?
(a) An old man being beaten to death.
(b) A shopkeeper being burned alive.
(c) A woman being raped.
(d) Japanese torture.

13. Who is Joe?
(a) The new leader of Alex's old gang.
(b) A lodger staying with Alex's parents.
(c) The small man selling newspapers.
(d) The next subject for the Ludovico Technique.

14. What do the doctors say Alex is?
(a) Horrible.
(b) Evil.
(c) Dying.
(d) Cured.

15. What is the only thing Dr. Brodsky is concerned with?
(a) Reducing crime.
(b) Getting more funding from the government.
(c) Hurting Alex.
(d) Inspiring true morality.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the doctors do when Alex asks them to stop the film?

2. What happened to Pete?

3. What name does F. Alexander recognize?

4. What are the films that Alex watches about?

5. What word does Alex use to describe the part of town his staja is in?

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