A Clockwork Orange Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the setting for the novel? How have things changed?

The novel is set sometime in the future, in England, It would seem that chaos has set in, as there is rampant crime and armed militias roaming about in an attempt to protect the public. Music is described as being very strange, and it seems that milk spiked with shots of hallucinogenic drugs is the trendy drink of the day. The characters are dressed at the "height of fashion," with wigs, make-up, and bizarre clothing.

2. How do the characters in the novel speak? How is their language different?

The characters, and even the narration, is in a strange type of slang that seems to have a lot of influence from the Russian language. It is sometimes very difficult to understand what is being said, though their grammar has not changed. It is still possible to understand the general gist of what the characters are saying from the context.

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