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The Height of Fashion

Students paint, draw, or sketch (preferably in color) a picture of Alex and his gang. Make sure that students pay attention to the descriptions of their clothing and try to be as accurate as possible.

The Milk Bar

Students look up recipes for interesting, non-alcoholic drinks that contain milk, or create their own. In class, the students mix the drinks and award a prize to the student who has the best-tasting drink.

Nadsat Story

Students write a short story, true or fictional, using Nadsat slang. Nadsat dictionaries can be found online.

Classical Music Juxtaposition

Individually or in groups, students create short films that have classical music as the background score. In the film, students will do things that do not fit at all with the music, such as skateboarding or mock fighting. Ensure that the films are appropriate for a classroom setting.

Poetic Therapy

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