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Cassandra Clare
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the werewolf that claims to know Will when he enters the inn in Chapter 14: “Parabatai”?

2. Who is the author of the poem “Jerusalem,” which opens Chapter 21: “Burning Gold”?

3. When Charlotte comes into Jem’s room while Sophie sits by his bed in Chapter 13: “The Mind Has Mountains,” she tells Sophie that “Bridget’s in one of her moods; she says she can’t find” what?

4. The sword that is offered to Will by Jem’s uncle in Chapter 24: “The Measure of Love” is inscribed with a name. What is the name on the sword?

5. Who saves Will from the automaton when his Seraph blade dissolves outside the inn in Chapter 18: “For This Alone”?

Short Essay Questions

1. What discovery is made regarding Brother Zachariah in Chapter 21: "Burning Gold"?

2. How is Henry Branwell injured in Chapter 21: "Burning Gold"?

3. Tessa learns from Mortmain in his chambers his reasons for kidnapping her in Chapter 14: “Parabatai.” What are the reasons?

4. How does Tessa succeed in destroying Mortmain in Chapter 21: "Burning Gold"?

5. What events led Mortmain to kidnap Aloysius Starkweather’s granddaughter?

6. Describe the character of Woolsey Scott. What is Woolsey’s history in The Infernal Devices series?

7. What causes the automatons to become animated in Chapter 20: "The Infernal Devices"?

8. With whom does Cecily Herondale become romantically involved with in the novel?

9. How is the farewell between Jem and his friends described in Chapter 23: "Than Any Evil"?

10. How does Mortmain explain Tessa’s birth, despite the fact that half-demon, half-Shadowhunters are supposedly stillborn?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Plot Structure

a. Discuss the plot structure of Clockwork Princess. In what ways is the narrative related and what effect does this have on the reader?

b. How does Clockwork Princess compare with other novels written during this time period? Are there specific stylistic elements that can be seen in Cassandra Clare’s writing?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the history of Tessa Gray in The Infernal Devices series. How old was Tessa when she was introduced in Clockwork Angel? How old is she in the beginning of this novel? When did Tessa become engaged to Jem Carstairs and what is her history like with Will Herondale?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the history of Aloysius Starkweather in The Infernal Devices series. What is Aloysius's history with Granville Fairchild? Who is Aloysius's granddaughter? What truth is later revealed about Aloysius's granddaughter?

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