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Cassandra Clare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Charlotte responds to Aloysius Starkweather’s story in Chapter 15: “Stars, Hide Your Fires” by saying that “the offspring of demons and Shadowhunters are” what?
(a) “Sterile.”
(b) “Sacrificed.”
(c) “Stillborn.”
(d) “Cannibals.”

2. What is the Welsh name for the “Hounds of the Underworld” described in Chapter 10: “Like Water upon Sand”?
(a) Eremiel llyn.
(b) Iratze Enkeli.
(c) Malik Anrym.
(d) Cwn Annwn.

3. The folk rhyme that opens Chapter 1: “A Dreadful Row” begins with the line “Marry on Monday for” what?
(a) “Love.”
(b) “Health.”
(c) “Children.”
(d) “Loss.”

4. What is the name of the medicine that Jem is in need of in Chapter 3: “To the Last Hour”?
(a) Yin fen.
(b) Enkeli.
(c) Iratze.
(d) Opium.

5. The literary citation that opens Chapter 9: “Graven in Metal” is from the epic poem Paradise Lost. Who wrote this literary work?
(a) John Milton.
(b) Lord Byron.
(c) Gerard Manley Hopkins.
(d) Algernon Charles Swinburne.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gabriel tells the Consul in Chapter 6: “Let Darkness” that if he believes Gabriel to have committed patricide that he should feel free to take Gabriel where to be questioned?

2. Who is the author of “Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady,” which is excerpted in the opening of Chapter 12: “Ghosts on the Road”?

3. What year is described in the opening of the Prologue?

4. When Will departs the unconscious and dying Jem in Chapter 10: “Like Water upon Sand,” he says “Atque in pepetuum, frater, ave atque vale.” What does this Latin phrase translate to in English?

5. What word does Cecily say means “lake” in Welsh in Chapter 10: “Like Water upon Sand”?

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