Clockwork Princess Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Cassandra Clare
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Prologue and Chapters 1-4

• The Prologue begins in York in 1847, as Aloysius Starkweather consoles his granddaughter, Adele Lucinda Starkweather, before the ceremony where she will receive the first of the Shadowhunter marks.

• When the Silent Brothers enter and use a stele to give Lucinda her marks, "her bloody, lacerated skin began to peel back from the bones, blackening and burning under the rune as if it were fire, and she could not help but throw her head back, and scream, and scream."

• The Prologue then jumps forward to London in 1873 at the London Institute, where Charlotte Fairchild leads the 12-year-old James Carstairs to meet Will Herondale.

• Will, also 12, is an exceptionally antisocial child, and Charlotte is surprised when he appears to accept James, or Jem, once he learns that the boy is dying.

• In the first four chapters of the novel, Tessa Gray is introduced as she tries...

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