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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mark tell his mother over the phone about the detention facility?
(a) That other kids are mean to him there.
(b) That he likes it.
(c) That it's full of bugs.
(d) That he's going to marry the attendant some day.

2. How does Romey implicate Mark as having some connection with his suicide?
(a) By writing "Mark did it" on his suicide note.
(b) By leaving the recording of him talking to Mark in the car.
(c) By writing Mark's name in the dirt on the car window.
(d) By writing Mark's name on the back of his suicide note.

3. What does Romey tell his old law school classmate when he calls him?
(a) How much money he is making as a Mafia lawyer.
(b) Where a body is hidden.
(c) How much his fees have increased.
(d) That he needs to quit The Blade case.

4. Who tells Clint that he is a reporter who wants to talk with Reggie?
(a) Boxx.
(b) Muldanno.
(c) Nance.
(d) Foltrigg.

5. How does Mark reply when the judge asks if Romey told him anything about the Boyette case?
(a) He says he pleads the First Amendment.
(b) He says he pleads the Fifth Amendment.
(c) He tells the whole truth.
(d) He says "no" and crosses his fingers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who phones Mrs. Sway, Reggie, and Dr. Greenway from a detention center in Chapter 22?

2. Who is not in the mood to kill anyone in Chapter 27?

3. Why is Reggie furious when she leaves the psychiatrist's office?

4. What is Mark's father like?

5. How does Mark understand what Reggie takes every month?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the media coverage of Romey's funeral unexpected, and why does it occur?

2. Foltrigg is naturally upset not to get the desired results from Mark's juvenile court hearing. Why does he regain excitement quickly?

3. Discuss Ricky's diagnosis and symptoms.

4. Discuss Mark's knowledge of life.

5. How does Mark dodge the important question during his hearing, and what is the result?

6. Discuss Reggie's life as a wife, mother, and law school student.

7. How does Mark react when he learns that Reggie is a woman, and how does her gender affect his decision to "hire" her?

8. Describe the physical appearance and working relationships of Willis Upchurch.

9. How does Mark make the detention center attendant feel sorry for him when he returns to his cell following his juvenile hearing? What does he get out of the pity?

10. What is Fink's relationship to Romey, and why is it important to this story?

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