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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Mark sees Romey's picture in the paper along with the story of his death?
(a) Mark faints.
(b) Mark vomits.
(c) Mark almost vomits.
(d) Mark begins to cry silently.

2. How does Mark temporarily get away from his interview with the FBI?
(a) He asks to go to the restroom.
(b) He asks for a cola.
(c) He bolts for the door.
(d) He says he's tired and needs a nap.

3. What confuses Mark about Judge Harry's courtroom?
(a) The floor tiles form an unusual pattern.
(b) Why it is so cold in the courtroom.
(c) The judge alone is asking all the questions.
(d) He cannot understand Judge Harry.

4. What does Fink tell Foltrigg needs to be done before Mark talks?
(a) A witness protection plan needs to be in place.
(b) They need to put his brother in jail, too.
(c) They need to scare Reggie to make him talk.
(d) He needs to be abused in jail.

5. Why is Reggie furious when she leaves the psychiatrist's office?
(a) The psychiatrist told her she needed to quit work.
(b) Clint interupted her visit.
(c) She just learned of Mark's imprisonment.
(d) She had to pay a large bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which company does Chester Tanfill own?

2. What does Foltrigg decide to do to scare Mark following Judge Harry's court?

3. How does Mark feel when he sees the newspaper story and his photo in Chapter 14?

4. Who takes Mark back to the detention center after Judge Harry's court?

5. Who is the man who strikes up a conversation with Mark in the hospital waiting room?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the mafia threaten Mark face-to-face?

2. What news does FBI agent Jason McThune share with Foltrigg that makes them believe Mark knows more than he is telling?

3. As Foltrigg and his crew wait for Mark to talk, they begin researching their legal options. What are their options?

4. In what ways does Reggie claim that Mark's rights have been violated during the investigation of Romey's death?

5. What are the problems that Mark mulls over when he is taken from his mother and brother to a juvenile detention facility? How does he feel?

6. Why is the media coverage of Romey's funeral unexpected, and why does it occur?

7. How does Mark dodge the important question during his hearing, and what is the result?

8. Foltrigg is naturally upset not to get the desired results from Mark's juvenile court hearing. Why does he regain excitement quickly?

9. Discuss the ethical issue that Reggie faces as she prepares Mark for his first juvenile court hearing.

10. How does Officer Hardy get Mark's fingerprints, and why does he want them?

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