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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reggie negotiate on behalf of Mark's mother?
(a) She gets magazines sent in for the woman.
(b) She gets her job back with a raise.
(c) She gets counseling for her at reduced fees.
(d) She gets meals sent to the room.

2. What message does Mark ask Reggie to relay to his mother?
(a) "Get me out of here."
(b) "I'm fine and will try to call soon."
(c) "I love you."
(d) "Don't forget about me."

3. Why does Fink want to testify in Judge Harry's court?
(a) To convince the judge that Romey knew where a body was hidden.
(b) Because he deeply respects the judge.
(c) To get media coverage for the upcoming election.
(d) He believes he knows information that no one else knows.

4. Which of the agents gets a phone call from a drunk Romey?
(a) Wally Foltrigg.
(b) Fink.
(c) Roy Foltrigg.
(d) Skipper Scherff.

5. Who else is the mob paying to watch Mark?
(a) Siccero Bindetti.
(b) Jack Sisson.
(c) Jack Muldanno.
(d) Cal Sisson.

6. What does Mark shout to the media as cops take him from the hospital to jail?
(a) That the cops are torturing his family.
(b) That the cops are hurting him.
(c) That they are all losers and need to get a real job.
(d) That the cops beat down his mother and are taking a little kid to jail.

7. What is Mark's father like?
(a) He is a drunk and a drug addict.
(b) He is an abusive drunk.
(c) He is a great guy.
(d) He is a drunk who sells drugs.

8. As Mark sits in jail, he thinks about his problems. What are his problems?
(a) His home has been burned, he has a sick brother, a depressed mother, and he is targeted by both the mob and the FBI.
(b) His home has been burned, he has a sick brother, a depressed mother, and is guilty of shooting Romey.
(c) His home has been burned, he has a depressed brother, a sick mother, and is targeted by both the mob and the FBI.
(d) Reggie's home has been burned, he has a sick brother, a depressed mother, and is targeted by both the mob and the FBI.

9. Where does Mark's knowledge of the mob come from?
(a) Educational TV.
(b) His uncle Vinny's own involvement.
(c) From books and magazines.
(d) Watching The Godfather on cable.

10. Why is Mark's mother crying when Reggie arrives at the hospital in Chapter 16?
(a) She was approached by the mob.
(b) She was fired from her job.
(c) She had a nervous breakdown.
(d) She was worried about Ricky.

11. Which character is thrown into the car with Romey?
(a) Jerome.
(b) Mark.
(c) Jerry.
(d) Ricky.

12. When will Trumann's plan be put into action?
(a) Right away.
(b) If Mark doesn't tell enough information in juvenile court.
(c) As soon as possible.
(d) A week after he is put in jail.

13. Why does the police officer suspect that Mark is lying?
(a) When he lies, his left eye twitches.
(b) Because he overhears Mark telling his mother the truth.
(c) Because he failed the lie detector test.
(d) His claims sound fishy.

14. What two difficult tasks are the FBI and the district attorney's office faced with in Chapter 13?
(a) Getting Mark to confess to the shooting and getting Ricky's testimony.
(b) Getting Mark to talk and keeping his mother quiet.
(c) Getting Mark to talk or getting Reggie to betray her attorney/client privilege.
(d) Getting the doctor to talk and getting Mark to confess.

15. Who is the Memphis police reporter?
(a) Steve Moeller.
(b) Press Moeller.
(c) Ace Moeller.
(d) Slick Moeller.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Mark on the elevator in Chapter 14?

2. Why is Mark's mother happy to meet Reggie?

3. What happens when Mark sees Romey's picture in the paper along with the story of his death?

4. What does Mr. Lewis vow to have ready in just a few days?

5. How do FBI agents know that Mark was in Romey's car on the day of his death?

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