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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character is thrown into the car with Romey?
(a) Mark.
(b) Ricky.
(c) Jerome.
(d) Jerry.

2. Who asks the FBI for extra protection for Mark, and for the boy to be tracked?
(a) Reggie.
(b) Muldanno.
(c) Foltrigg.
(d) Nance.

3. Who burns down Mark's family trailer home?
(a) A man in a dark Ford.
(b) A man in a white Ford.
(c) A man walking on foot.
(d) A man in a dump truck.

4. What ultimate prank does Mark pull on a Memphis police officer while in jail?
(a) He orders 40 pizzas in the officer's name and sends them to the police station.
(b) He writes the police officer's name, phone number, and home address on the cell wall.
(c) He tosses a water balloon from his cell window at the officer.
(d) He calls the officer at home and asks if his refrigerator is running.

5. What is Mark's father like?
(a) He is a great guy.
(b) He is a drunk who sells drugs.
(c) He is an abusive drunk.
(d) He is a drunk and a drug addict.

6. Which company does Chester Tanfill own?
(a) TenArk Fixtures.
(b) Arklatex Designs.
(c) Ark-Lon Fixtures.
(d) Graceland Gravestones.

7. What is Mark's answer when agents ask him if Romey was really dead when he found him?
(a) He takes the First Amendment.
(b) Yes.
(c) No comment.
(d) He takes the Fifth Amendment.

8. Who leaks the trial information to the media in Chapter 25?
(a) A janitor.
(b) Foltrigg.
(c) The transcriptionist.
(d) The court bailiff.

9. What keeps Mark from lying on the stand while being questioned?
(a) Fear of his mother.
(b) He saw someone on TV die when they lied.
(c) His upstanding moral code.
(d) Fear of a polygraph test.

10. Who is hired by the mob to follow Mark's every move?
(a) Sulari Muldanno.
(b) Paul Gronke.
(c) Barry Muldanno.
(d) Jack Nance.

11. How does the FBI eavesdrop on Muldanno's restaurant conversation?
(a) Through an informant.
(b) By reading his lips from a distance.
(c) With bugged salt and pepper shakers.
(d) A waitress overheard them.

12. What does Mark tell his mother and the doctor about the shooting incident?
(a) That he and Ricky simply walked up on the dead body.
(b) That he tried to stop the man, but he and Ricky witnessed the suicide.
(c) That the man told him where a body is hidden.
(d) That he himself shot the man and Ricky watched.

13. How does Mark understand what Reggie takes every month?
(a) He has heard the term on TV.
(b) He took a weekend vacation once with his father.
(c) The doctor has been talking about anti-depressants.
(d) His own mother regularly takes sleeping pills.

14. What does Mr. Lewis vow to have ready in just a few days?
(a) A van for Foltrigg.
(b) A lawsuit against Reggie.
(c) A subpoena for Mark.
(d) A witness protection plan for Mark and his family.

15. How does the media learn who will be attending Romey's funeral?
(a) The coroner's office told them.
(b) Foltrigg leaked the information.
(c) They saw it on Romey's Facebook page.
(d) Boxx called and told them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is The Blade?

2. As Mark sits in jail, he thinks about his problems. What are his problems?

3. Who is the man who strikes up a conversation with Mark in the hospital waiting room?

4. Which of the agents gets a phone call from a drunk Romey?

5. What does Reggie's intentional stalling on Mark's behalf force the district attorney's office to do?

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