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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is The Blade?
(a) Barry Boxx.
(b) Barry Clifford.
(c) Barry Manilow.
(d) Barry Muldanno.

2. What does Mark tell his mother and the doctor about the shooting incident?
(a) That he and Ricky simply walked up on the dead body.
(b) That the man told him where a body is hidden.
(c) That he himself shot the man and Ricky watched.
(d) That he tried to stop the man, but he and Ricky witnessed the suicide.

3. Why is Mark's mother happy to meet Reggie?
(a) She thinks Reggie will give them a lot of publicity.
(b) She's glad to have another woman to listen to her and support her family at this time.
(c) She knows Reggie from high school.
(d) After divorcing Mark's father, she hates men.

4. Who tells Clint that he is a reporter who wants to talk with Reggie?
(a) Boxx.
(b) Nance.
(c) Foltrigg.
(d) Muldanno.

5. How does Mark understand what Reggie takes every month?
(a) He has heard the term on TV.
(b) He took a weekend vacation once with his father.
(c) His own mother regularly takes sleeping pills.
(d) The doctor has been talking about anti-depressants.

6. What does Mr. Lewis vow to have ready in just a few days?
(a) A witness protection plan for Mark and his family.
(b) A lawsuit against Reggie.
(c) A subpoena for Mark.
(d) A van for Foltrigg.

7. Why is there so much media coverage of Romey's funeral?
(a) Because he was loved by many.
(b) Because he had a large family.
(c) Because Muldanno was there.
(d) Because of his death.

8. Who is Romey's old law school classmate?
(a) Roy Foltrigg.
(b) Thomas Fink.
(c) Wally Foltrigg.
(d) Skipper Scherff.

9. As Mark sits in jail, he thinks about his problems. What are his problems?
(a) His home has been burned, he has a sick brother, a depressed mother, and is guilty of shooting Romey.
(b) His home has been burned, he has a sick brother, a depressed mother, and he is targeted by both the mob and the FBI.
(c) Reggie's home has been burned, he has a sick brother, a depressed mother, and is targeted by both the mob and the FBI.
(d) His home has been burned, he has a depressed brother, a sick mother, and is targeted by both the mob and the FBI.

10. What does Mark shout to the media as cops take him from the hospital to jail?
(a) That they are all losers and need to get a real job.
(b) That the cops are torturing his family.
(c) That the cops beat down his mother and are taking a little kid to jail.
(d) That the cops are hurting him.

11. Who is the man who strikes up a conversation with Mark in the hospital waiting room?
(a) A stranger whose son was in the ER.
(b) Jack Nance.
(c) A stranger whose son was in ICU.
(d) The Blade.

12. What does the doctor tell Ricky's family is vital to his recovery?
(a) Lots of medication fed through an IV.
(b) Years of mental counseling.
(c) They both must stay away from him.
(d) Mark and their mom must be in the room when he awakens.

13. Why does the police officer suspect that Mark is lying?
(a) His claims sound fishy.
(b) Because he overhears Mark telling his mother the truth.
(c) Because he failed the lie detector test.
(d) When he lies, his left eye twitches.

14. What is the FBI's complaint about Romey's suicide?
(a) Their work load is already huge.
(b) They don't like investigating the Mafia.
(c) It cut into their vacation.
(d) It will delay their case against The Blade for 6 months.

15. Where does Mark's knowledge of the mob come from?
(a) Educational TV.
(b) His uncle Vinny's own involvement.
(c) Watching The Godfather on cable.
(d) From books and magazines.

Short Answer Questions

1. What secret does Romey tell the boy that is in the car with him?

2. Who does Judge Harry order out of the courtroom?

3. Who is hired as The Blade's new lawyer?

4. What does Foltrigg decide to do to scare Mark following Judge Harry's court?

5. Why is Mark's mother crying when Reggie arrives at the hospital in Chapter 16?

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