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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which offices are bugged by the mob?
(a) Reggie's and the FBI.
(b) The FBI and Romey.
(c) The Doctor and The Memphis Sun.
(d) Reggie's and Ricky's doctor.

2. What does Momma Love tell Mark that Reggie takes every month?
(a) A weekend vacation.
(b) Sleeping pills.
(c) Anti-depressants.
(d) Two pro-bono cases.

3. What does Mark tell his mother and the doctor about the shooting incident?
(a) That he himself shot the man and Ricky watched.
(b) That he and Ricky simply walked up on the dead body.
(c) That the man told him where a body is hidden.
(d) That he tried to stop the man, but he and Ricky witnessed the suicide.

4. What does Fink tell Foltrigg needs to be done before Mark talks?
(a) They need to put his brother in jail, too.
(b) They need to scare Reggie to make him talk.
(c) A witness protection plan needs to be in place.
(d) He needs to be abused in jail.

5. What confuses Mark about Judge Harry's courtroom?
(a) The judge alone is asking all the questions.
(b) Why it is so cold in the courtroom.
(c) The floor tiles form an unusual pattern.
(d) He cannot understand Judge Harry.

6. How does Mark feel when he sees the newspaper story and his photo in Chapter 14?
(a) He doesn't like the photo they chose to use.
(b) Happy for the attention.
(c) Cool -- the kids at school will like him now.
(d) Like the media has violated his privacy and made him look like a criminal.

7. Where does Mark's knowledge of the mob come from?
(a) Educational TV.
(b) Watching The Godfather on cable.
(c) His uncle Vinny's own involvement.
(d) From books and magazines.

8. Who tells Clint that he is a reporter who wants to talk with Reggie?
(a) Nance.
(b) Boxx.
(c) Muldanno.
(d) Foltrigg.

9. How does Mark temporarily get away from his interview with the FBI?
(a) He asks to go to the restroom.
(b) He asks for a cola.
(c) He bolts for the door.
(d) He says he's tired and needs a nap.

10. What keeps Mark from lying on the stand while being questioned?
(a) Fear of a polygraph test.
(b) Fear of his mother.
(c) His upstanding moral code.
(d) He saw someone on TV die when they lied.

11. What ultimate prank does Mark pull on a Memphis police officer while in jail?
(a) He orders 40 pizzas in the officer's name and sends them to the police station.
(b) He tosses a water balloon from his cell window at the officer.
(c) He writes the police officer's name, phone number, and home address on the cell wall.
(d) He calls the officer at home and asks if his refrigerator is running.

12. Who is not in the mood to kill anyone in Chapter 27?
(a) Muldanno.
(b) Reggie.
(c) Nance.
(d) Gronke.

13. How do FBI agents know that Mark was in Romey's car on the day of his death?
(a) His fingerprints were on the car door and gun, and his name was written on the suicide note.
(b) His fingerprints were on the gun and the steering wheel.
(c) His fingerprints were on the car and on Romey's discarded wallet found in the woods.
(d) His fingerprints were on the gun and he wrote a note on Romey's suicide note.

14. How does the media learn who will be attending Romey's funeral?
(a) Boxx called and told them.
(b) They saw it on Romey's Facebook page.
(c) The coroner's office told them.
(d) Foltrigg leaked the information.

15. How does Romey implicate Mark as having some connection with his suicide?
(a) By leaving the recording of him talking to Mark in the car.
(b) By writing Mark's name in the dirt on the car window.
(c) By writing Mark's name on the back of his suicide note.
(d) By writing "Mark did it" on his suicide note.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who asks the FBI for extra protection for Mark, and for the boy to be tracked?

2. In Chapter 27, what does Reggie talk with Mrs. Sway about at the hospital?

3. What does Mark tell his mother over the phone about the detention facility?

4. Reggie gives Mark a break by taking him from the hospital to where?

5. When Mark finally tells his mother and the doctor the truth about what he witnessed, of which part are they skeptical?

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