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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reggie negotiate on behalf of Mark's mother?
(a) She gets her job back with a raise.
(b) She gets meals sent to the room.
(c) She gets counseling for her at reduced fees.
(d) She gets magazines sent in for the woman.

2. Who is the Memphis police reporter?
(a) Ace Moeller.
(b) Press Moeller.
(c) Slick Moeller.
(d) Steve Moeller.

3. Where does Mark make a phone call from while in the hospital?
(a) A private room.
(b) A restroom.
(c) The morgue.
(d) The ICU.

4. Under what condition does Mrs. Sway say she will accept the witness protection plan?
(a) When she can get plastic surgery.
(b) When they promise to buy her a new trailer.
(c) When they agree to give her $1 million for Mark's testimony.
(d) When they can guarantee her family's safety.

5. What is Judge Harry's charge against Slick?
(a) Endangering the welfare of a minor.
(b) Contributing to a minor.
(c) Contempt of court.
(d) Attempted murder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who meets Muldanno in a restaurant?

2. What fee does Reggie charge Mark as a retainer?

3. What do Reggie and Mrs. Sway hear in Chapter 29 that makes the reality of the mob danger hit home?

4. Which company does Chester Tanfill own?

5. When will Trumann's plan be put into action?

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