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Jerome Clifford's Garage - This is where Barry the Blade hides the dead body of Senator Boyette.

The Clearing - This is where Mark and Ricky go to sneak a smoke and where Jerome Clifford decides to kill himself.

The Sway's Trailer - This was burned down with all of the family's possessions inside.

Ricky's Hospital Room - This place is bugged by the FBI when Mark escapes from the detention center.

Foltrigg's Van - This white vehicle is fully equipped with anything the District Attorney may need on one of his trips.

Judge Harry's Courtroom - This small and simple setting is where the main character's hearings take place.

Momma Love's House - This is the place where the child advocacy lawyer often takes her clients.

Reggie Love's Office - This building is wired by the mafia because the main character randomly walks into it.


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