The Client Character Descriptions

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Mark Sway

This character likes to smoke, but he stays away from beer and pot because he has seen how they can bring people down.

Reggie Love

This character is a lawyer who helps children who have been abused or disregarded by the system.

Roy Foltrigg

This character is the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Louisiana in New Orleans.

Barry Muldanno

This character wears shark shoes and flashy suits, has a well-built body, and dresses to exude the image of power and success.

Jason McThune

This character is the head of the Memphis FBI office.

Harry Roosevelt

This character is the judge at the Juvenile Court in Memphis.

Jerome Clifford

This character is a chubby, balding mafia lawyer.

Ricky Sway

This character witnesses a murder and goes into a deep post-traumatic shock that puts him in the hospital for several weeks.

Diane Sway

This character...

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