The Client Character Descriptions

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Mark Sway - This character likes to smoke, but he stays away from beer and pot because he has seen how they can bring people down.

Reggie Love - This character is a lawyer who helps children who have been abused or disregarded by the system.

Roy Foltrigg - This character is the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Louisiana in New Orleans.

Barry Muldanno - This character wears shark shoes and flashy suits, has a well-built body, and dresses to exude the image of power and success.

Jason McThune - This character is the head of the Memphis FBI office.

Harry Roosevelt - This character is the judge at the Juvenile Court in Memphis.

Jerome Clifford - This character is a chubby, balding mafia lawyer.

Ricky Sway - This character witnesses a murder and goes into a deep post-traumatic shock that puts him in...

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