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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was sent to fetch them?
(a) The Misras brothers
(b) Aunt Mira
(c) Tara and Baba
(d) Hyder Ali

2. How does Bakul deal with the atmosphere in Tara's family home during their stay?
(a) He manipulates Bim and Tara to cause further anger
(b) He schedules luncheons and meetings all day every day
(c) He encourages the sisters to talk it out
(d) He tries to assist Tara in working out the problems with her sister

3. What happened to the cow?
(a) It lived a long life and Bim ended up caring for it in its old age
(b) It drowned in the garden pond
(c) It ran off with the gardner
(d) It was accidently sent to the butcher

4. When Bakul sees Bim at her desk the next morning and offers to help with speaking to Sharma, what is her reaction?
(a) Bim says she is going to sell the family shares to the business
(b) Bim asks him to speak to Sharma
(c) Bim pretends there is no problem
(d) Bim thanks him for his concern

5. What does Tara see in Bim that she never saw before?
(a) Beauty and peace
(b) Inability to understand simple concepts
(c) Hatred of Baba
(d) Meanness, cruelty, shaking, talking to herself and hoarding money and food

Short Answer Questions

1. What papers does she decide to go through?

2. How does Bim now see the pattern of her life?

3. Who is successful and popular at school?

4. What does she do with the papers?

5. As a child, what was Tara always expecting?

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