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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the most memorable actions she takes against Tara?
(a) Bim cuts off all of Tara's hair
(b) Biim exposes Tara to a swarm of bees
(c) Bim suspends Tara's telephone rights
(d) Bim tells Aunt Mira lies about Tara

2. What is Raja's favorite hobby at this time?
(a) Listening to records
(b) Reading adventure books and acting out the hero characters
(c) Watching cartoons
(d) Stamp collecting

3. What does Bim tell Tara to tell Raja?
(a) Leave us alone
(b) I will bring Baba for a visit next summer
(c) Come soon to visit me and Baba
(d) Send me money

4. What did her doctor describe for the mother to deal with her illness?
(a) Alcohol
(b) Walk in the garden every day
(c) Strict diet of fruit and vegetables
(d) Vigorous exercise three times per day

5. What did the boys say Tara looked like when her hair was cut off?
(a) Roy Rogers
(b) A pigeon
(c) A dog
(d) A turtle

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bakul deal with the atmosphere in Tara's family home during their stay?

2. Why is Tara so shocked at Bim's descriptions of Raja and his family?

3. What does Tara see in Bim that she never saw before?

4. What episode at school disturbed Tara deeply and made her think of blood?

5. What disease did Aunt Mira nurse Bim and Raja through?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Bim as Tara sees her in this chapter.

2. What difference does Aunt Mira make in Baba's life?

3. How was Mira treated by her dead husband's family?

4. Why is Bakul so shocked when Bim says she has made a decision?

5. Why is the episode with the cow so important to this novel?

6. How does Bim see their childhood?

7. How did Tara remember the incident when Bim was stung by bees?

8. What is the symbolism of Tara's words to Bim pouring out of her quickly on the day of her departure?

9. Describe Aunt Mira as she is in this chapter

10. Describe the relationship between Bim and Raja.

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