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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bim say when Bakul suggests she talk with Raja before selling?
(a) I will call him this afternoon
(b) Who is Raja?
(c) That Raja would not care
(d) I agree, I will consult him, you and Baba before making a decision.

2. What has happened to the Misras sisters' husbands?
(a) They have abandoned the sisters
(b) They have been lost at sea
(c) They have divorced the sitsers
(d) They have died

3. What does Tara decide to do after that conversation about Raja?
(a) Leave earlier than they had planned
(b) Watch her sister's behavior more closely
(c) Call Raja and tell him what happened
(d) Write a letter to Bim's school and share her concerns

4. Where did Bakul and Tara meet?
(a) At school
(b) At church
(c) At Hyder Ali's house
(d) At the house of the Misras family

5. What honor did Bim receive in school?
(a) Most accomplished reader
(b) Most Improved Student
(c) Head girl
(d) Best athlete

Short Answer Questions

1. What honor did Raja receive in school?

2. What is Theosophy?

3. At what age was Aunt Mira widowed?

4. How does Bim treat Tara, even as an adult?

5. Alone in her room that afternoon, what does Bim realize?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is symbolic about Tara holding Bim's hand on the day of their departure?

2. Why does Bim take out her rage on Baba?

3. How was Mira treated by her dead husband's family?

4. Why does the author use the episodes of the mad dog, the young teacher, and the bees to describe Tara's character?

5. How did Bim remember the incident where she was stung by bees?

6. Why did Tara think her father was trying to kill her mother?

7. How does Tara see Aunt Mira?

8. Why is the episode with the cow so important to this novel?

9. On page 115, the children ask Mira why their parents play cards, and Mira thinks the answer is obvious. What do you think is the reason?

10. Describe the relationship between Bim and Raja.

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