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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of books does Tara read?
(a) Non-fiction
(b) Science fiction
(c) Romances
(d) Adventure

2. How does Bakul deal with the atmosphere in Tara's family home during their stay?
(a) He schedules luncheons and meetings all day every day
(b) He manipulates Bim and Tara to cause further anger
(c) He tries to assist Tara in working out the problems with her sister
(d) He encourages the sisters to talk it out

3. At what age was Aunt Mira widowed?
(a) 15
(b) 50
(c) 25
(d) 17

4. As a child, what was Tara always expecting?
(a) To be punished by her parents
(b) To find out she was adopted
(c) To find a treasure or become a princess
(d) To be disappointed

5. Which of the children grew up to become exactly what they said they wanted to be as a child?
(a) Raja a hero
(b) Baba the insurance salesman
(c) Tara, becoming a mother
(d) Bim the teacher

6. How does Bim remember the incident?
(a) She has never forgiven her sister for running off
(b) She hardly recalls it, thinking only of the minor pain of the stings
(c) She thinks about Tara's betrayal every day
(d) She remembers it just as intensely, but saw it in a different light

7. What does Tara decide to do after that conversation about Raja?
(a) Leave earlier than they had planned
(b) Watch her sister's behavior more closely
(c) Call Raja and tell him what happened
(d) Write a letter to Bim's school and share her concerns

8. When Bakul sees Bim at her desk the next morning and offers to help with speaking to Sharma, what is her reaction?
(a) Bim asks him to speak to Sharma
(b) Bim says she is going to sell the family shares to the business
(c) Bim thanks him for his concern
(d) Bim pretends there is no problem

9. What is one of the most memorable actions she takes against Tara?
(a) Bim cuts off all of Tara's hair
(b) Bim tells Aunt Mira lies about Tara
(c) Biim exposes Tara to a swarm of bees
(d) Bim suspends Tara's telephone rights

10. What does Tara see in Bim that she never saw before?
(a) Hatred of Baba
(b) Meanness, cruelty, shaking, talking to herself and hoarding money and food
(c) Beauty and peace
(d) Inability to understand simple concepts

11. Whose letter does Tara read to Bim?
(a) From Aunt Mira to their mother
(b) From her daughters
(c) From their mother to their father
(d) A letter to Tara from Raja

12. What did Bim want to be when she was grown up?
(a) A Heroine
(b) A race car driver
(c) A caregiver
(d) A card player

13. How does Bim react to her sister's problems at school
(a) She complains to Raja and asks him to fix it
(b) She defends Tara against the other children
(c) She goes to the teachers and asks them for help
(d) She ignores her sister and joins in with the teasing

14. Where did Bim and Raja go to cool off in the summer evenings?
(a) The mall
(b) The River Jumna
(c) Hyder Ali Sahib's house
(d) The family kitchen

15. What does Bim say when Bakul suggests she talk with Raja before selling?
(a) I agree, I will consult him, you and Baba before making a decision.
(b) That Raja would not care
(c) I will call him this afternoon
(d) Who is Raja?

Short Answer Questions

1. In this chapter, what does Tara apologize to Bim for?

2. After she speaks to Baba, who does Bim seek out to vent her anger?

3. What episode at school upset Tara's emotions so much she seem obsessed with one of the teachers?

4. What disease did Aunt Mira nurse Bim and Raja through?

5. Who was called to care for Baba when the mother grew tired of him?

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