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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the climate affect the children?
(a) They laid around the house or on the veranda, too hot to play anything but word games
(b) They spent all their time out of doors riding their bikes
(c) They were active in sports
(d) They were energized to do anything to keep warm

2. After she speaks to Baba, who does Bim seek out to vent her anger?
(a) No one, her anger is finally spent
(b) Tara
(c) the cook
(d) The cat

3. What sort of climate did the children grow up in?
(a) Tropic, intense heat and humidity during the summer
(b) Moderate, with four distinct seasons of snow, cool autumns, mild summers and pleasant springs.
(c) On an island off the coast of India, breezy and warm
(d) Bitter cold, in the mountains of India

4. Who was called to care for Baba when the mother grew tired of him?
(a) Tara
(b) The cow
(c) The cook
(d) Aunt Mira

5. How does Bakul deal with the atmosphere in Tara's family home during their stay?
(a) He encourages the sisters to talk it out
(b) He tries to assist Tara in working out the problems with her sister
(c) He manipulates Bim and Tara to cause further anger
(d) He schedules luncheons and meetings all day every day

6. How many children does Raja have?
(a) Five - four daughters and a son
(b) One son and six daughters
(c) Three daughters and two sons
(d) One son

7. What did her doctor describe for the mother to deal with her illness?
(a) Alcohol
(b) Strict diet of fruit and vegetables
(c) Vigorous exercise three times per day
(d) Walk in the garden every day

8. What episode at school disturbed Tara deeply and made her think of blood?
(a) The shooting of a mad dog that was hiding under one of the buildings
(b) One of the girls in class injures their head
(c) A bird hits the school room window and dies
(d) One of the teachers dies in class

9. At lunch that day, what does Bim try to force Tara to eat?
(a) A rotten orange
(b) Red meat
(c) Orange peels
(d) Very hot curry

10. How was Baba different from the other children?
(a) He was brilliant, a quick learner and early to walk and talk
(b) He could see into the future
(c) He was darker in skin color
(d) He was very slow to progress and did not talk

11. Where did Bim and Raja go to cool off in the summer evenings?
(a) The River Jumna
(b) The family kitchen
(c) Hyder Ali Sahib's house
(d) The mall

12. What happened to the cow?
(a) It drowned in the garden pond
(b) It ran off with the gardner
(c) It was accidently sent to the butcher
(d) It lived a long life and Bim ended up caring for it in its old age

13. What does Bim tell Tara to tell Raja?
(a) Send me money
(b) Come soon to visit me and Baba
(c) Leave us alone
(d) I will bring Baba for a visit next summer

14. What does Baba say?
(a) "You are right, I should go"
(b) "Who is Raja?"
(c) Nothing
(d) "I hate you"

15. What big event is happening at Raja's house?
(a) His daughter is getting married
(b) He is being promoted
(c) His 100th poem has been published
(d) His wife is pregnant again

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bim handle her anger at Raja for growing up and away from the other children?

2. What is Theosophy?

3. Who was sent to fetch them?

4. Who does Bim direct her anger to?

5. What did Raja want to be when he was grown up?

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