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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disease did Aunt Mira nurse Bim and Raja through?
(a) Smallpox
(b) Cancer
(c) Chicken pox
(d) Typhoid

2. What has happened to the Misras brothers' wives?
(a) They have returned to their own families rather than deal with the men
(b) They are still at the house, just away shopping
(c) They have pursued careers in the foreign service and travel constantly
(d) They have passed away

3. Who of the family needed Aunt Mira the most?
(a) Baba
(b) Tara
(c) The father
(d) The mother

4. What sort of books does Tara read?
(a) Science fiction
(b) Romances
(c) Non-fiction
(d) Adventure

5. What honor did Raja receive in school?
(a) Most Popular
(b) One of his poems won a prize
(c) Member of the National Honor Society
(d) Quarterback for the football team

6. Where did Bakul and Tara meet?
(a) At the house of the Misras family
(b) At church
(c) At Hyder Ali's house
(d) At school

7. What did Mira give the children that their own parents did not?
(a) Drugs and alcohol
(b) Strict discipline and punishment
(c) Presents and money
(d) Compassion and attention

8. What does Baba say?
(a) "Who is Raja?"
(b) "I hate you"
(c) "You are right, I should go"
(d) Nothing

9. At lunch that day, what does Bim try to force Tara to eat?
(a) Red meat
(b) Very hot curry
(c) A rotten orange
(d) Orange peels

10. How does Bim now see the pattern of her life?
(a) Bitter
(b) Uneventful
(c) Eccentric
(d) Old

11. What happened to the cow?
(a) It was accidently sent to the butcher
(b) It ran off with the gardner
(c) It lived a long life and Bim ended up caring for it in its old age
(d) It drowned in the garden pond

12. What is Theosophy?
(a) A form of religion
(b) A type of cow
(c) A way to cook meat
(d) A type of cat

13. What sort of climate did the children grow up in?
(a) Moderate, with four distinct seasons of snow, cool autumns, mild summers and pleasant springs.
(b) On an island off the coast of India, breezy and warm
(c) Bitter cold, in the mountains of India
(d) Tropic, intense heat and humidity during the summer

14. Which of the children first grows tired of Aunt Mira's ministrations and leaves the home for other adventures?
(a) Tara
(b) Bim
(c) Baba
(d) Raja

15. What event at school upsets Tara so much she lies to avoid it?
(a) Class picture day
(b) Sports Day
(c) Charity Thursdays
(d) Spelling tests

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tara is speaking to Bakul about her realizations about her sister, what is Bakul thinking about?

2. What have the Misras sisters become?

3. How was Baba different from the other children?

4. Alone in her room that afternoon, what does Bim realize?

5. What honor did Bim receive in school?

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