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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. That night on the veranda, what does Tara become upset about and apologize for?
(a) The time Bim gets attacked by bees and Tara did nothing
(b) The time she got angry at Bim for cutting her hair
(c) For marrying Bakul instead of Dr. Biswas
(d) For leaving Bim with Baba

2. What honor did Raja receive in school?
(a) One of his poems won a prize
(b) Quarterback for the football team
(c) Member of the National Honor Society
(d) Most Popular

3. What is Theosophy?
(a) A way to cook meat
(b) A type of cat
(c) A form of religion
(d) A type of cow

4. When Bakul sees Bim at her desk the next morning and offers to help with speaking to Sharma, what is her reaction?
(a) Bim asks him to speak to Sharma
(b) Bim says she is going to sell the family shares to the business
(c) Bim thanks him for his concern
(d) Bim pretends there is no problem

5. What did Mira give the children that their own parents did not?
(a) Compassion and attention
(b) Drugs and alcohol
(c) Presents and money
(d) Strict discipline and punishment

6. What do the children do every evening?
(a) Played quietly in their rooms, did their homework and spent time with their parents
(b) Texted their parents on cell phones
(c) Wait for their parents to come home from playing bridge at the club
(d) Watched the evening news on the television

7. In this chapter, what does Tara apologize to Bim for?
(a) Marrying Baku when she knew Bim was in love with him
(b) Cutting Bim's hair off
(c) Eating all the oranges
(d) Departing so soon after marriage and leaving Bim to care for Baba

8. What did Bim want to be when she was grown up?
(a) A caregiver
(b) A race car driver
(c) A card player
(d) A Heroine

9. What is Raja's favorite hobby at this time?
(a) Stamp collecting
(b) Listening to records
(c) Reading adventure books and acting out the hero characters
(d) Watching cartoons

10. How does Bakul deal with the atmosphere in Tara's family home during their stay?
(a) He tries to assist Tara in working out the problems with her sister
(b) He manipulates Bim and Tara to cause further anger
(c) He schedules luncheons and meetings all day every day
(d) He encourages the sisters to talk it out

11. What did Tara see her father do to her mother long ago?
(a) Yell at her
(b) Slap her
(c) Make love to her
(d) Give her an injection for her diabetes

12. What does Bim say about rich, fat and successful people?
(a) They are exciting
(b) They are admirable
(c) They are boring
(d) She wants to be one of them

13. As a child, what was Tara always expecting?
(a) To find a treasure or become a princess
(b) To be punished by her parents
(c) To find out she was adopted
(d) To be disappointed

14. What has Bim worried in this chapter?
(a) Bim has just discovered she is pregnant
(b) A letter from the family business partner, Sharma, has arrived and he wishes to speak to them
(c) Dr. Biswas is courting her again
(d) Baba is ill

15. What happens on one of these summer evenings that makes an impression on all of the children?
(a) Hyder Ali Sahib rides past them on his great white horse
(b) The river floods and Baba nearly drowns
(c) They find a dead cow in the river
(d) A group of soldiers march by

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the climate affect the children?

2. What sort of books does Tara read?

3. At what age was Aunt Mira widowed?

4. What sort of climate did the children grow up in?

5. What did the boys say Tara looked like when her hair was cut off?

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