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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mira give the children that their own parents did not?
(a) Compassion and attention
(b) Presents and money
(c) Strict discipline and punishment
(d) Drugs and alcohol

2. At lunch that day, what does Bim try to force Tara to eat?
(a) Orange peels
(b) Very hot curry
(c) Red meat
(d) A rotten orange

3. In this chapter, what does Tara apologize to Bim for?
(a) Cutting Bim's hair off
(b) Eating all the oranges
(c) Marrying Baku when she knew Bim was in love with him
(d) Departing so soon after marriage and leaving Bim to care for Baba

4. How did the climate affect the children?
(a) They were energized to do anything to keep warm
(b) They spent all their time out of doors riding their bikes
(c) They laid around the house or on the veranda, too hot to play anything but word games
(d) They were active in sports

5. What is one of the most memorable actions she takes against Tara?
(a) Bim cuts off all of Tara's hair
(b) Bim suspends Tara's telephone rights
(c) Bim tells Aunt Mira lies about Tara
(d) Biim exposes Tara to a swarm of bees

6. What sort of climate did the children grow up in?
(a) Bitter cold, in the mountains of India
(b) On an island off the coast of India, breezy and warm
(c) Tropic, intense heat and humidity during the summer
(d) Moderate, with four distinct seasons of snow, cool autumns, mild summers and pleasant springs.

7. In this chapter, who is Tara attempting to write a letter to?
(a) Baba
(b) Her daughters
(c) One of the Misras brothers
(d) Raja

8. While they are still children, what childish claim to fame does Raja have?
(a) The sisters are never able to catch him in any game
(b) He always wins at cards
(c) He always cheats in order to win
(d) He is the only one able to count to 100 for hide and go seek

9. Who was called to care for Baba when the mother grew tired of him?
(a) The cook
(b) Aunt Mira
(c) The cow
(d) Tara

10. How does Bim handle her anger at Raja for growing up and away from the other children?
(a) She watches hours of television
(b) She uses a punching bag in the gardner's shed
(c) She takes long walks by the river
(d) She becomes cruel to Tara

11. How many children does Raja have?
(a) Five - four daughters and a son
(b) Three daughters and two sons
(c) One son and six daughters
(d) One son

12. As Tara gets older, she no longer seeks comfort from Aunt Mira. Where does she go?
(a) She runs away from home with one of the Misras sisters
(b) To movies in town
(c) To the neighbors house to spend time with the Misras sisters
(d) To Hyder Ali's house

13. What is Baba's reaction?
(a) He draws back from Bim as if she has hit him
(b) He goes to Tara for help
(c) He cries and runs out of the room
(d) He speaks for the first time

14. What has happened to the Misras brothers' wives?
(a) They have passed away
(b) They have returned to their own families rather than deal with the men
(c) They have pursued careers in the foreign service and travel constantly
(d) They are still at the house, just away shopping

15. Tara tries to talk to one of the Misras sisters regarding her concerns about Bim. How does the Misras sister react?
(a) She offers to come live with Bim and help her
(b) She offers other examples of Bim's strange behavior
(c) She says Bim is fine
(d) She offers to help Tara speak with her

Short Answer Questions

1. What episode at school upset Tara's emotions so much she seem obsessed with one of the teachers?

2. What has Bim worried in this chapter?

3. What is Theosophy?

4. Why does Aunt Mira ask the chidren's parents for a cow?

5. Who is successful and popular at school?

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