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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Aunt Mira treat Baba?
(a) She is afraid of him and avoids him
(b) She loves him and teaches him how to take care of himself
(c) She pushes him too hard to achieve things
(d) She ignores him

2. In her mind, what does Bim compare Bakul and Tara, the Misras, Raja and his family to?
(a) Enemies
(b) Roses
(c) Family pets
(d) Mosquitoes

3. What happens on one of these summer evenings that makes an impression on all of the children?
(a) Hyder Ali Sahib rides past them on his great white horse
(b) A group of soldiers march by
(c) The river floods and Baba nearly drowns
(d) They find a dead cow in the river

4. How does Bakul deal with the atmosphere in Tara's family home during their stay?
(a) He encourages the sisters to talk it out
(b) He tries to assist Tara in working out the problems with her sister
(c) He schedules luncheons and meetings all day every day
(d) He manipulates Bim and Tara to cause further anger

5. Why is Tara carrying a set of keys on a chain around her waist?
(a) Bakul has asked her to keep the keys to their trunks and suitcases
(b) She found these keys in Bim's desk and Bim gave them to her
(c) She cannot find her purse
(d) She likes the sound it makes when she walks

6. How did the climate affect the children?
(a) They were energized to do anything to keep warm
(b) They spent all their time out of doors riding their bikes
(c) They were active in sports
(d) They laid around the house or on the veranda, too hot to play anything but word games

7. What is Raja's favorite hobby at this time?
(a) Reading adventure books and acting out the hero characters
(b) Watching cartoons
(c) Listening to records
(d) Stamp collecting

8. What has happened to the Misras brothers' wives?
(a) They have returned to their own families rather than deal with the men
(b) They have passed away
(c) They have pursued careers in the foreign service and travel constantly
(d) They are still at the house, just away shopping

9. Who of the family needed Aunt Mira the most?
(a) The father
(b) Tara
(c) Baba
(d) The mother

10. What does Bim say when Bakul suggests she talk with Raja before selling?
(a) Who is Raja?
(b) I will call him this afternoon
(c) That Raja would not care
(d) I agree, I will consult him, you and Baba before making a decision.

11. At lunch that day, what does Bim try to force Tara to eat?
(a) Very hot curry
(b) Orange peels
(c) Red meat
(d) A rotten orange

12. Who was called to care for Baba when the mother grew tired of him?
(a) The cook
(b) Aunt Mira
(c) The cow
(d) Tara

13. Why does Bim become angry at Tara?
(a) Tara has made false accusations against Bim
(b) Bim is jealous of Tara's wardrobe
(c) Tara's description of her own life and that of Raja makes Bim feel excluded
(d) Tara is behaving like a child

14. What is Baba's reaction?
(a) He cries and runs out of the room
(b) He speaks for the first time
(c) He goes to Tara for help
(d) He draws back from Bim as if she has hit him

15. What episode at school disturbed Tara deeply and made her think of blood?
(a) One of the girls in class injures their head
(b) A bird hits the school room window and dies
(c) The shooting of a mad dog that was hiding under one of the buildings
(d) One of the teachers dies in class

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Baba different from the other children?

2. What is one of the most memorable actions she takes against Tara?

3. Why does Aunt Mira ask the chidren's parents for a cow?

4. What event at school upsets Tara so much she lies to avoid it?

5. What has Bim worried in this chapter?

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