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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bim return with from Hyder Ali Sahib's house?
(a) Books, a dog and a car
(b) Furniture, money and some letters
(c) A dog, a servant, and the gramophone
(d) A dog, a cat, and some food

2. Who does Bimla think of when she hears that Gandhi has been killed?
(a) Raja
(b) Dr. Biswas
(c) Mrs. Gandhi
(d) Tara

3. How does Bim use this old letter from Raja?
(a) To remember her brother's handwriting
(b) To blackmail Tara
(c) To remind her how angry she was when the letter came
(d) To remind her to pay the rent

4. What is wrong with Aunt Mira?
(a) She is slowly going mad and drinking
(b) She has diabetes
(c) She has tuberculosis
(d) She is in love with the gardner

5. What childhood event do the Misras sisters remind Tara of that night?
(a) When the children first see Hyder Ali Sahib
(b) When their parents died
(c) When the bees attacked Bim
(d) When the mad dog was shot at school

6. How often do Bakul and Tara visit Bim and Baba?
(a) Every summer
(b) Every three to five years
(c) Never
(d) Daily

7. What goes wrong with Dr. Biswas and Bim?
(a) There is too great an age difference
(b) His mother does not like her, and Bim does not really like him
(c) Dr. Biswas is of a different religion
(d) Bim's father disapproves of Dr. Biswas

8. Why did her father give her mother injections?
(a) Her mother had diabetes
(b) Her mother had t.b.
(c) Her mother was a drug addict
(d) He was slowly poisoning her

9. What happens to Aunt Mira in this chapter?
(a) She begins obsessing about the cow
(b) She dies
(c) She surprises everyone by marrying Dr. Biswas
(d) She begins a career as a professional caregiver

10. How does the richness of Hyder Ali's home compare to Raja's home?
(a) Raja's home is full of interesting people and no one visits Ali
(b) Raja's home is shabby and empty, devoid of friends, color and charm
(c) Raja's home is welcoming and warm, and Ali's home is cold and dark
(d) Raja's home is full of love and compassion and Ali's is void of emotion

11. How do Bim's students describe Old Delhi?
(a) A bustling business center
(b) The place where they wish to live forever
(c) A vibrant city representing progress
(d) As a great cemetery, with every house a tomb

12. What disrupts the neighborhood gathering?
(a) Bakul gets angry and leaves
(b) Mulk, one of the brothers, gets drunk and abusive
(c) Curfew bells sound
(d) The city fires are getting dangerously close

13. What does Bim think of his statement?
(a) She agrees and begins weeping
(b) She seeks out his mother for her opnion
(c) She is angry and throws him out of the house
(d) She believes it to be completely false

14. What does Bim give Baba by way of apology for driving him out of the house that morning?
(a) A new car
(b) An ice cream cone
(c) A cigar
(d) A new record

15. When Bim and Baba return from Hyder Ali Sahib's house, what has happened?
(a) All of the roses have died
(b) Tara has run off with Bakul
(c) Aunt Mira has lost her mind and is running through the garden naked
(d) The cow has drowned in the garden

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Raja's friends at Hindu College find out he believes the idea of Pakistan is feasible?

2. What are the names of the people everyone is talking about that summer, according to this novel?

3. What does Bim pull out of the desk to show to Tara that night?

4. What does Raja say as he is leaving for Hyderabad?

5. Whose ghost does Bim claim to have seen in the garden?

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