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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What goes wrong with Dr. Biswas and Bim?
(a) His mother does not like her, and Bim does not really like him
(b) Dr. Biswas is of a different religion
(c) There is too great an age difference
(d) Bim's father disapproves of Dr. Biswas

2. How do Bim's students describe Old Delhi?
(a) The place where they wish to live forever
(b) A bustling business center
(c) A vibrant city representing progress
(d) As a great cemetery, with every house a tomb

3. What does Bim pull out of the desk to show to Tara that night?
(a) Photos of their last visit
(b) A letter from Raja to Bim saying he is now her landlord
(c) A love letter from Dr. Biswas
(d) A scrapbook

4. Where does Baba get the gramophone?
(a) He steals it from the Misras sisters
(b) From the empty house of Hyder Ali
(c) He finds it in the dumpster
(d) From Sears

5. What happens when Raja's friends at Hindu College find out he believes the idea of Pakistan is feasible?
(a) They become his enemies
(b) They write letters to the newspaper in protest
(c) They try to kill him
(d) They change their opinion and view to his

6. What happened to their mother after twenty years of spending her evenings at the club?
(a) She missed an evening and slipped into a coma
(b) She decided she no longer wanted to play bridge
(c) She decided to spend the evening playing cards with her children
(d) She found another man

7. The sisters remember playing in the sand and along the banks of what nearby river?
(a) Mississippi
(b) Nile
(c) Jumna
(d) Ganges

8. What instrument does Dr. Biswas play?
(a) Flute
(b) Piano
(c) Violin
(d) Bassoon

9. What does Dr. Biswas recommend as treatment for Aunt Mira?
(a) Counseling, and AA meetings
(b) Give her alcohol
(c) Have her killed
(d) Put her in a home

10. Why is it so strange for Bim to ask Baba if he is going to the office that morning?
(a) He is mentally retarded and never goes to the office
(b) He is usually off on Tuesdays
(c) Bim usually does not speak to Baba in the morning
(d) He has already mentioned going to the track that morning

11. What does Mulk accuse his sisters of doing to him?
(a) Kidnapping his children
(b) Running off his musicians and denying him money
(c) Stealing his musical instruments
(d) Running off his wife

12. Who does Bimla think of when she hears that Gandhi has been killed?
(a) Mrs. Gandhi
(b) Tara
(c) Raja
(d) Dr. Biswas

13. How does this family dispose of the dead?
(a) Burial in a plot in the back yard
(b) Burial in an expensive crypt
(c) Cremation
(d) Burial at sea

14. Why does Dr. Biswas think Bim is not interested in his courtship?
(a) She wants to become a num
(b) Because she is in love with someone else
(c) She has dedicated her life to caring for her aunt and her brothers
(d) She is not interested in men

15. Who does Bim choose to speak to rather than the Misras brothers and sisters?
(a) Mulk
(b) Jayla
(c) One of the elder men of the Misras family
(d) Bakul

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bim's answer when Raja says he wants to grow up to be a hero?

2. Where has Bakul been posted when he comes to ask Bim for permission to marry Tara?

3. What sort of birds begin their calls before daylight around the family's home?

4. Who takes care of Raja?

5. What helps Raja to begin to get better?

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