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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bim give Baba by way of apology for driving him out of the house that morning?
(a) A cigar
(b) A new record
(c) An ice cream cone
(d) A new car

2. Where does Raja say he will go?
(a) To Hyderabad to live with the family of Hyder Ali Sahib
(b) To America and start a new life
(c) To New Delhi and get an apartment
(d) To live with Bakul and Tara

3. Why are the Misras brothers still living alone at their family home?
(a) They were wounded in the war
(b) The Misras sisters have asked them to come home
(c) They are drunkards and their wives have left them
(d) Their wives have left them for other men

4. Why did her father give her mother injections?
(a) He was slowly poisoning her
(b) Her mother was a drug addict
(c) Her mother had diabetes
(d) Her mother had t.b.

5. What family pet joins the sisters in the garden?
(a) Bessie the cow
(b) Rex the camel
(c) Badshah, the family dog
(d) Jayla the family parrot

6. What illness does Raja get that summer?
(a) Depression
(b) Tuberculosis
(c) Venereal disease
(d) Cancer

7. Who does Raja suggest to take over the family business?
(a) Dr. Biswas
(b) Baba
(c) Aunt Mira
(d) Tara

8. What does Tara ask Bim to do?
(a) Do her laundry
(b) Fix dinner for her and Bakul
(c) Attend the upcoming wedding of Raja's daughter
(d) Move away from the house

9. When Bim and Baba return from Hyder Ali Sahib's house, what has happened?
(a) All of the roses have died
(b) Aunt Mira has lost her mind and is running through the garden naked
(c) Tara has run off with Bakul
(d) The cow has drowned in the garden

10. What does Bim compare her cat to?
(a) Tara's daughters
(b) Tara
(c) Their mother
(d) Baba

11. What sort of birds begin their calls before daylight around the family's home?
(a) Koels
(b) Hawks
(c) Cardinals
(d) Seagulls

12. The sisters remember playing in the sand and along the banks of what nearby river?
(a) Nile
(b) Jumna
(c) Mississippi
(d) Ganges

13. How often do Bakul and Tara visit Bim and Baba?
(a) Every three to five years
(b) Daily
(c) Every summer
(d) Never

14. How does Tara, in this chapter, remember her parents?
(a) Loving parents who are involved in their children's futures
(b) People who played cards, year after year, with their friends, and who ignored their children
(c) She does not remember them at all
(d) As reserved, but compassionate

15. What does Raja say as he is leaving for Hyderabad?
(a) That he will return to care for Bim and Baba
(b) That he knows his true love is Bim but he cannot have her
(c) That he wants Bim to send his books to him there
(d) That he will never come back

Short Answer Questions

1. Where has Bakul been posted when he comes to ask Bim for permission to marry Tara?

2. Who takes care of Raja?

3. What do the children call their father?

4. What kind of business did the Misras brothers have and lose?

5. What does Baba do that surprises everyone?

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