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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What talent did their brother Raja have that developed into a career for him?
(a) He sang rock and roll
(b) He was a great cook
(c) He drove race cars
(d) He wrote poetry

2. How does this family dispose of the dead?
(a) Cremation
(b) Burial in a plot in the back yard
(c) Burial in an expensive crypt
(d) Burial at sea

3. What are the names of the people everyone is talking about that summer, according to this novel?
(a) Gandhi, Clinton, Reagan and Bush
(b) Gandhi, FDR, Churchill and Nehru
(c) Gandhi, Mountbatten, Churchill, Jinnah and Nehru
(d) Queen Elizabeth, Gandhi, Churchill and Nehru

4. What does Bim think of his statement?
(a) She seeks out his mother for her opnion
(b) She is angry and throws him out of the house
(c) She believes it to be completely false
(d) She agrees and begins weeping

5. Why can't they visit more often?
(a) Their daughters do not like Bim or Baba
(b) Bakul is in foreign service and stationed in many different cities in the world
(c) Tara is afraid of travelling
(d) Bakul cannot drive

6. Who takes care of Raja?
(a) Baba
(b) Tara
(c) Bim
(d) Mira

7. What does Bakul tell people who ask detrimental questions about India?
(a) No comment
(b) I will check for you and find out
(c) I don't know the answer
(d) Mind your own business

8. Who is asleep on the veranda when Bakul, Bim and Tara return home?
(a) Baba
(b) The pet dog
(c) The jet-black cat
(d) Aunt Mira

9. What does Dr. Biswas recommend as treatment for Aunt Mira?
(a) Counseling, and AA meetings
(b) Have her killed
(c) Give her alcohol
(d) Put her in a home

10. Who does Raja share his knowledge and dreams with in the family?
(a) Tara
(b) Bimla
(c) The jet-black cat
(d) Baba

11. Where does Baba get the gramophone?
(a) He finds it in the dumpster
(b) From Sears
(c) From the empty house of Hyder Ali
(d) He steals it from the Misras sisters

12. How does Tara, in this chapter, remember her parents?
(a) As reserved, but compassionate
(b) People who played cards, year after year, with their friends, and who ignored their children
(c) She does not remember them at all
(d) Loving parents who are involved in their children's futures

13. What does Bim give Baba by way of apology for driving him out of the house that morning?
(a) An ice cream cone
(b) A new car
(c) A new record
(d) A cigar

14. What happens to the mother?
(a) She runs off with the chauffeur
(b) She dies without the children ever seeing her again
(c) She divorces the father
(d) She grows old and Bim must care for her

15. What instrument does Dr. Biswas play?
(a) Flute
(b) Bassoon
(c) Violin
(d) Piano

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tara remember going for escape from the neglect of her parents?

2. What illness does Raja get that summer?

3. What is wrong with Aunt Mira?

4. Where does Bim go with the Doctor?

5. Who does Bimla think of when she hears that Gandhi has been killed?

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