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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tara ask Bim to do?
(a) Fix dinner for her and Bakul
(b) Attend the upcoming wedding of Raja's daughter
(c) Move away from the house
(d) Do her laundry

2. What papers does she decide to go through?
(a) Bakul's official papers
(b) Old drawings done by Baba
(c) Tara's private papers
(d) The ones in the bottom drawer of the desk

3. What does Tara decide to do after that conversation about Raja?
(a) Write a letter to Bim's school and share her concerns
(b) Leave earlier than they had planned
(c) Call Raja and tell him what happened
(d) Watch her sister's behavior more closely

4. What is the first discussion the sisters have that shows how different they are from each other?
(a) When is Raja arriving
(b) Growing up and things changing from when they were children
(c) What is for breakfast
(d) What is today's weather forecast

5. Who is sitting on the veranda while Raja departs the family home?
(a) Aunt Mira, Tara, and Bakul
(b) Bim, Baba and the dog Begum
(c) Bim alone
(d) Tara, Begum the dog, and Aunt Mira

Short Answer Questions

1. After she speaks to Baba, who does Bim seek out to vent her anger?

2. Who was sent to fetch them?

3. What did Mira give the children that their own parents did not?

4. Who does Bim direct her anger to?

5. How does Bim use this old letter from Raja?

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