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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the children first grows tired of Aunt Mira's ministrations and leaves the home for other adventures?
(a) Raja
(b) Baba
(c) Bim
(d) Tara

2. Who does Dr. Biswas admire above all others?
(a) Gandhi
(b) Beethoven
(c) Mozart
(d) Elvis Presley

3. What does Dr.Biswas ask Bim to do?
(a) Travel to Ceylon with him
(b) His laundry
(c) Meet his mother
(d) Allow him to move into the house

4. How does Bim remember the incident?
(a) She has never forgiven her sister for running off
(b) She thinks about Tara's betrayal every day
(c) She remembers it just as intensely, but saw it in a different light
(d) She hardly recalls it, thinking only of the minor pain of the stings

5. How often do Bakul and Tara visit Bim and Baba?
(a) Every three to five years
(b) Daily
(c) Every summer
(d) Never

Short Answer Questions

1. When Raja gets older, what other activity does he get involved in at Hyder Ali's home?

2. What happens to Aunt Mira in this chapter?

3. In her mind, what does Bim compare Bakul and Tara, the Misras, Raja and his family to?

4. When Raja is away from home one afternoon, what do Bim and Tara do?

5. What is Baba's reaction?

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