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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often do Bakul and Tara visit Bim and Baba?
(a) Daily
(b) Never
(c) Every three to five years
(d) Every summer

2. What does Bim attempt to do when she joins the others in the garden area and begins talking?
(a) Get slowly but surely drunk
(b) To provoke reactions from Bakul and Tara
(c) Flirt with Mulk
(d) Sleep on the grass

3. Why is it so strange for Bim to ask Baba if he is going to the office that morning?
(a) Bim usually does not speak to Baba in the morning
(b) He is usually off on Tuesdays
(c) He has already mentioned going to the track that morning
(d) He is mentally retarded and never goes to the office

4. What surrounds Tara's family home and those of her neighbors?
(a) Poverty and sickness
(b) A lake
(c) Dry parched desert
(d) Gardens full of plants and birds

5. What does Bim claim they do not have enough of for Bakul, yet she pours it generously for the cat and for Baba?
(a) Water
(b) Beer
(c) Tea
(d) Milk

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tara remember going for escape from the neglect of her parents?

2. What disrupts the neighborhood gathering?

3. What is Tara's reaction to Bim's behavior regarding the letter?

4. What do the Misras sisters want Bakul, Bim and Tara to do that night?

5. Whose ghost does Bim claim to have seen in the garden?

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