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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose ghost does Bim claim to have seen in the garden?
(a) The cow
(b) Aunt Mira
(c) Their mother
(d) Their father

2. What overcomes Tara when she is at her family home?
(a) Energy, excitement and enthusiasm
(b) Heat, laziness, intimidation by her sister
(c) An urge to cook
(d) Sneezing and coughing

3. What does Bim pull out of the desk to show to Tara that night?
(a) Photos of their last visit
(b) A letter from Raja to Bim saying he is now her landlord
(c) A scrapbook
(d) A love letter from Dr. Biswas

4. Bakul is waiting for them on the veranda. What music greets the sisters when they join Bakul?
(a) Aunt Mira playing the flute
(b) Baba's old 78 records
(c) Country music from the Misras home
(d) Bakul's transister radio

5. What does Tara ask Bim to do?
(a) Move away from the house
(b) Attend the upcoming wedding of Raja's daughter
(c) Do her laundry
(d) Fix dinner for her and Bakul

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tara speaks of being young again, what is Bim's reaction?

2. When Bakul sees Bim with her students, what does he think?

3. What does Bim claim they do not have enough of for Bakul, yet she pours it generously for the cat and for Baba?

4. Why can't they visit more often?

5. What is the first discussion the sisters have that shows how different they are from each other?

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