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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baba do that surprises everyone?
(a) He leaves the house
(b) He begins speaking Spanish
(c) He announces his upcoming marriage
(d) He asks for pancakes for breakfast

2. What do the Misras sisters want Bakul, Bim and Tara to do that night?
(a) Take the brothers to a bar
(b) Stay for dinner
(c) Iron their saris
(d) Come to Calcutta with them

3. Where does Tara remember going for escape from the neglect of her parents?
(a) To her Aunt Mira's room
(b) To school
(c) To the roof of the house
(d) To Hyder Ali Sahib's house to read

4. What disrupts the neighborhood gathering?
(a) Mulk, one of the brothers, gets drunk and abusive
(b) Bakul gets angry and leaves
(c) Curfew bells sound
(d) The city fires are getting dangerously close

5. How does Bim use this old letter from Raja?
(a) To remind her to pay the rent
(b) To remember her brother's handwriting
(c) To remind her how angry she was when the letter came
(d) To blackmail Tara

Short Answer Questions

1. The sisters remember playing in the sand and along the banks of what nearby river?

2. Who did their brother Raja admire above all?

3. What world event occurred that year that made such a difference in the lives of the four children?

4. What does Bim compare her cat to?

5. What does Bakul say to Tara when she decides to stay with her family that morning instead of going with him to New Delhi?

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