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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of birds begin their calls before daylight around the family's home?
(a) Cardinals
(b) Seagulls
(c) Hawks
(d) Koels

2. What surrounds Tara's family home and those of her neighbors?
(a) Gardens full of plants and birds
(b) A lake
(c) Dry parched desert
(d) Poverty and sickness

3. What family pet joins the sisters in the garden?
(a) Bessie the cow
(b) Badshah, the family dog
(c) Jayla the family parrot
(d) Rex the camel

4. Whose ghost does Bim claim to have seen in the garden?
(a) Their father
(b) The cow
(c) Aunt Mira
(d) Their mother

5. Why are the Misras sisters still living at the family home?
(a) They were wounded in the war
(b) Their husbands have abandoned them
(c) They have a home based internet business
(d) They want to be with their brothers

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tara speaks of being young again, what is Bim's reaction?

2. What is the first discussion the sisters have that shows how different they are from each other?

3. What skill do Raja and Bim possess and use throughout their childhood that Tara does not possess?

4. What does Tara ask Bim to do?

5. What kind of business did the Misras brothers have and lose?

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