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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can't they visit more often?
(a) Tara is afraid of travelling
(b) Bakul is in foreign service and stationed in many different cities in the world
(c) Bakul cannot drive
(d) Their daughters do not like Bim or Baba

2. When Bakul sees Bim with her students, what does he think?
(a) That Bim is in love with one of her students
(b) That Bim is a bad teacher
(c) That perhaps he has married the wrong sister
(d) That Bim has grown fat and ugly

3. What skill do Raja and Bim possess and use throughout their childhood that Tara does not possess?
(a) Ability to write
(b) Ability to speak another language
(c) Ability to memorize and recite
(d) Ability to read

4. What disrupts the neighborhood gathering?
(a) The city fires are getting dangerously close
(b) Bakul gets angry and leaves
(c) Mulk, one of the brothers, gets drunk and abusive
(d) Curfew bells sound

5. Which neighbors do Bakul, Bim and Tara decide to visit that night?
(a) Gandhi
(b) Hyder Ali Sahib
(c) Aunt Mira's family
(d) Misras

Short Answer Questions

1. Bakul is waiting for them on the veranda. What music greets the sisters when they join Bakul?

2. How do Bim's students describe Old Delhi?

3. What kind of business did the Misras brothers have and lose?

4. Why did Baba refuse the new 78 records that Tara found for him?

5. What does Bim attempt to do when she joins the others in the garden area and begins talking?

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