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A young woman of India who travels the world with her husband and two daughters, and has returned to her family home for a visit.


A woman of India who is a teacher, has never married, and cares for her younger mentally retarded brother.


A very polished and well dressed man who serves India as a foreign service representative


Mentally handicapped, this character is the youngest of the four siblings.


The oldest of the four children who marries into Hyder Ali Sahib's family.

Aunt Mira

She patiently served as a nurse and caretaker to all of the children from the time of their childhoods, but as she grows older, they become her caretaker.

Hyder Ali Sahib

The family's wealthy landlord and neighbor.

Dr. Biswas

The family's young doctor.

The Misra Sisters

Quiet girls who marry young and are both left by their husbands...

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