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Part 1

• Tara and Bim are introduced as sisters whose family home is in Old Delhi, India. Bim and the youngest brother, Baba, live in the family home alone.

• The four children are Bim, the oldest sister, Raja, the oldest brother, Tara, the youngest sister, and Baba, the youngest brother.

• Raja is married, very wealthy, and living in another city in India. Tara is married to Bakul, a foreign service officer, and has come home for a visit.

• Bim is an unmarried schoolteacher. Baba is a mentally retarded man who does not marry and depends on Bim to care for him

• It is morning, and Tara is walking in the garden following the rose walk, remembering her mother and how emotionally distant their parents were from the children.

• Tara joins Bim in the garden and it is clear the two sisters have had issues in the past and are...

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