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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is ordered by the President to check on the aborted covert operations mission in Colombia?

2. Clark makes arrangements with Larson for a __________.

3. How many people are killed during the raid?

4. Bright takes the team on a jet that allows them to arrive ____ minutes before their quarry.

5. Clark hopes to create an atmosphere of ______ within the Cartel.

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the scene in which Cortez comes upon the Cartel's meeting house. What is Cortez's reaction?

2. How does Clark devise a plan without knowing what is happening on the ground in Colombia?

3. Explain the scene at the drug refinement facility. Who is killed? Who escapes?

4. What is Ritter's position in regards to shutting down all operations except for CAPER? Who gives Ritter the order?

5. What photos, taken by Bright, might be an important piece of evidence? What is the issue with the proof?

6. Discuss Robby Jackson's reaction to the news of the Hispanic soldiers' deployment becoming known at Ford Ord.

7. What is the final straw for Cutter? What evidence is shown to the Vice Admiral?

8. Explain the scene at the drug refinement facility. Who is killed? Who escapes?

9. Discuss the extraction made by Johns and Ryan. What happens to the helicopter?

10. What is the concern raised in the conversation between Robby and Tim Jackson? What rumor is discussed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write your own international/political story based on "Clear and Present Danger." Use Jack Ryan as the lead character. Supply complete storyboards. Include character information, plot, synopsis, etc. Explain your inspiration.

Essay Topic 2

Back stories are important as they fill in the gaps of characters' lives that may not have been addressed elsewhere. This is seen clearly in the back stories of Felix Cortez, Admiral Greer and others. Explain how Clancy uses the technique. When is the appropriate time for a back story? Does the back story always resolve unanswered questions? Where might Clancy use it in reference to other characters or situations? Give at least three examples and explain in detail.

Essay Topic 3

The drugs cartels that operated in Colombia and specifically Medellin were often thought to be untouchable by law enforcement. Why were the drug lords so well protected and by whom? How wealthy and powerful are the cartels? Are government officials involved in the drug trade? What kinds of operations have been performed to take down the cartels? Compare the actions taken in the book with real life actions taken by the US and foreign governments. Were any of the major cartels ever extinguished? If so, how was it done? What happened to the cartel leaders?

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