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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of aircraft forces the twin engine to land on an airstrip?

2. Colonel Felix Cortez is a former member of which organization?

3. Chavez is tempted to accept an assignment, promised that he will achieve which rank when the assignment is over?

4. Where is the new companion from originally?

5. What is the name of Ryan's director?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the initial determination of Shaw in regards to the Jacobs assassination? What is Shaw's plan?

2. What action does Moira take that puts the Director in danger? How is the information passed on and to whom?

3. What is Cortez's opinion of Moira Wolfe? What is the benefit of the relationship for Cortez?

4. Why is Ritter suspicious of Operation SHOWBOAT and Cutter's methods? What does Ritter require as reassurance? What does Cutter give to Ritter?

5. What is Wegener's reaction to the attitudes of the prisoners? Where are the prisoners taken to talk to Wegener?

6. Explain the training conditions faced by Chavez and the other recruits.

7. What is given to the men of SHOWBOAT before they are deployed to the helicopters? What are they instructed to leave behind?

8. What is Bronco Williams' most recent mission? What is Williams' opinion of the job?

9. Describe Wegener and his reputation in the Coast Guard.

10. What somber discussion takes place between Ryan, Ritter and Moore? Who does the conversation involve?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write your own international/political story based on "Clear and Present Danger." Use Jack Ryan as the lead character. Supply complete storyboards. Include character information, plot, synopsis, etc. Explain your inspiration.

Essay Topic 2

US Navy Vice Admiral James Greer is forever tied to his position at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Ryan is also tied to the Naval Academy, having been a former professor of Naval History. Discuss the US Naval Academy. Examine how each man's military training and experience led them from careers at the Naval Academy to the CIA. How did Greer become Director of Intelligence? Was Greer the one that recruited Ryan to be the Deputy Director and then the Acting Director? What skills would be necessary to hold either position? What was the history between Greer and Ryan?

Essay Topic 3

Write a full character description on Sergeant Domingo Chavez. What leads Chavez Miller to join the special team in Colorado? What type of training did Chavez have before signing up to participate in Operation SHOWBOAT? What was supposed to be Chavez's last mission? How does Chavez fare in the jungle? What is the outcome of Chavez's contribution to the operation?

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