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US Governement Offices

These are located at the Oval Office in the White House, the Presidential retreat at Camp David, and the CIA headquarters at Langley.

US Military Units

These include 1st Special Operations Wing, Eglin AFB, the Navy SEALs and the Infantry Division (Light) 'LIDS, 17th Infantry Light, Fort Ord, California.


This is the capital of Colombia.


This is the city in Colombia which is the main base for the drug cartel.

Riseralda Province

This is the area on Colombia's Pacific Coast in whose valleys the Cartel has established mobile drug processing sites


This is the village in Colombia where Cortez controls his ground forces.


This city is the base for USCGC Panache and residence of the owner of the Yacht Empire Builder.

Colorado Rockies

These mountains, within sight of the Moffat Tunnel, is location of a secret, high-altitude training camp.

Critical Code Words and Call Signs

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