Clear and Present Danger Fun Activities

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Watch a Pirate Movie

Just for fun, watch an old movie where pirates are caught and are forced to walk the plank.

Learn to Tie Sailor's Knots

One of the things crucial on a ship is the way the ropes are tied. There are many different types of nautical knots. Choose at least three and practice tying the knots.

Create a Collage of Planes

Create a collage of planes mentioned in the book plus other small military aircraft that might be used at a school like the one operated by Larson.

Watch a Documentary about Colombia

Watch a documentary about Colombia to better understand its culture and political structure.

Create Names for Secret Missions

Using the book as a guideline, create your own names for each of the secret missions and their members. Where do you get ideas for the names? Are the names logical or nonsense?

Practice Survival Training

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