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Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps restore order amongst the Roman soldiers at the Rhine?

2. Who does Antonia marry?

3. How does Tiberius die?

4. Why does Claudius plan a 5-day festival?

5. Of the following classes listed by Claudius, which does Herod the Agrippa best fit?

Short Essay Questions

1. Good friends with Caligula, what causes Herod to become hesitant of Caligula's rule?

2. What is Claudius' intention when he brings up his past reputation of being the fool and imbecile to the Senate the eve of Scribonianus' rebellion?

3. How does Claudius feel about his infirmities? Why does he end up seeing a doctor? What does this event foreshadow?

4. What is Herod's advice to the Senate on what to do after Caligula's assassination?

5. What is the catalyst that causes Claudius to wage war on Britain?

6. Why does Claudius strip off the gold and silver plated chariot?

7. Why is the title "Protector of the People" important to Claudius?

8. What are some difficulties Claudius faces in waging a war against Togodumnus and Caractacus?

9. How does Aristobulus revenge his brother Herod?

10. How does Claudius frighten the corn factors into giving him a loan of a million gold pieces?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Druid rituals and practices. Then, discuss why Roman culture would disagree with the religion more than any other religions it tolerates within its kingdom.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Messalina and Agrippinilla's characters. How are they the same and different in their relationships toward Claudius, their children, and the people?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the politics between the emperor and the Senate. How does each control the other? What is the purpose of each? How do they play political games with each other, and why?

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