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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only thing Umbonius sells at his public auction?
(a) His Corinthian goods.
(b) His Senatorial robes.
(c) A staff Claudius gave him.
(d) Corn.

2. What ability gains Nero popular admiration?
(a) Shrewd decisions in court.
(b) His sword fighting skills.
(c) A persuasive oration.
(d) He is as good as any Spaniard in bull fighting.

3. What causes Justus to be executed?
(a) Adultery with Messalina.
(b) For insulting Claudius' role in the British campaign.
(c) Accusations of planning a revolt.
(d) Insulting words toward Messalina.

4. What is the only thing Claudius regrets among Agrippinilla's selfish actions?
(a) The adoption of Nero.
(b) The lack of proper schooling for Britannicus.
(c) The murder of Calpurnia and Cleopatra.
(d) The death of Vitellius.

5. Why does Claudius start rumors that Britannicus is epileptic?
(a) So the populace will focus on Nero.
(b) Because he hates Britannicus.
(c) Britannicus started rumors about Claudius' impotence.
(d) So Britannicus will find a true love and not one who wants his potential power.

6. How does Narcissus protect Claudius from Messalina's cunning ways?
(a) He advises Claudius to say at his home so Messalina cannot find him.
(b) He confiscates her letters to Claudius and replies to them himself.
(c) He prohibits her from seeing him.
(d) He begs Claudius to not preside over her trial and let a high consul do it.

7. What plan does Britannicus present to Claudius?
(a) Give him a chance at schooling and fight Nero.
(b) Assassinate Agrippinilla and Nero.
(c) Restore the Republic the day before Claudius dies.
(d) Exile him so he may restore the Republic after Nero dies.

8. Who does Claudius return to the Senatorial province state?
(a) Macedonia and Greece.
(b) Egypt and Morocco.
(c) Israel and Syria.
(d) France and Belgium.

9. What happens to Rome after Nero dies?
(a) The Britains build their own empire.
(b) Anarchy and civil war.
(c) The Kings of the Near East take over the empire.
(d) The restoration of the Republic.

10. In the second account of Claudius' death, what motivates Agrippinilla to hire Locusta?
(a) Xenophon is back in Cos and Locusta is great at medicines.
(b) Claudius states he is going to claim Britannicus his sole heir.
(c) Nero is becoming impatient and urges his mother.
(d) Locusta is Nero's cousin.

11. How does Claudius show justice against his own men?
(a) He takes their goods away if they plunder from women and children.
(b) He puts them in the frontlines if they show laziness.
(c) He executes them if they kill unnecessarily.
(d) He punishes the men that violates his law against women.

12. Of the following, which is NOT a reform that Claudius plans for the government?
(a) Form a separate judicial branch of government.
(b) Organize Cabinets of consuls that he creates.
(c) Change Senatorial terms to five years.
(d) Establish consul in chiefs for departments.

13. For what acts is Claudius tried when in Hell?
(a) Pretending to be a god.
(b) Taking from the public when an emperor.
(c) Murders.
(d) Incest.

14. How does Claudius describe the first five years of his marriage to Agrippinilla?
(a) Coarse.
(b) Chaotic.
(c) Uneventful.
(d) Blah.

15. What is Messalina's plan as soon as the guards come to arrest the wedding party?
(a) To write Claudius a love letter.
(b) To feign a headache in bed at the palace.
(c) To head to Ostia with her children.
(d) To write Vibidia Vestal.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Corbulo take it too far by the Rhine?

2. On Claudius' return to Rome from Calpurnia's home, whose carriage does he run into?

3. How does Claudius react to knowing the Britons worship him as a God?

4. To whom do the people compare Britannicus during the Saecular games?

5. Why does the crowd from the marketplace follow Asinius to the palace?

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