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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only thing Claudius regrets among Agrippinilla's selfish actions?
(a) The death of Vitellius.
(b) The murder of Calpurnia and Cleopatra.
(c) The lack of proper schooling for Britannicus.
(d) The adoption of Nero.

2. Why does Clotho kill Augurinus and Baba?
(a) Because of incest.
(b) Claudius asks him to.
(c) For their murderous sins.
(d) To accompany Claudius on his journey.

3. Who saves the Jews of the Near East from famine?
(a) Claudius.
(b) Posides.
(c) The Queen of Adiabene.
(d) The Alexandrian Jews.

4. Who is a possible suspect in the first account of Claudius' death?
(a) Nero.
(b) Galba.
(c) The cook.
(d) Halotus, his taster.

5. What causes Justus to be executed?
(a) Accusations of planning a revolt.
(b) Adultery with Messalina.
(c) Insulting words toward Messalina.
(d) For insulting Claudius' role in the British campaign.

6. How does Narcissus protect Claudius from Messalina's cunning ways?
(a) He prohibits her from seeing him.
(b) He confiscates her letters to Claudius and replies to them himself.
(c) He begs Claudius to not preside over her trial and let a high consul do it.
(d) He advises Claudius to say at his home so Messalina cannot find him.

7. What helps the British design their fortification?
(a) The cliffsides to the sea that cuts off the east flank.
(b) The marshes and brambles on the east and west flanks.
(c) The steep mountains on either side of the road.
(d) The daily mist.

8. What causes a rivalry between Narcissus, Pallas and Callistus?
(a) They disagree on whom Claudius should marry.
(b) They each want to be Claudius' principal adviser.
(c) They each want to be the palace guard colonel.
(d) They disagree on what to do with Messalina.

9. How is Telegonius proved a runaway slave?
(a) It's Alabarch's word against his and Alabarch's is stronger amongst the jurors.
(b) There is no proof but Claudius does not care to see proof.
(c) Alabarch's brand is on his hip.
(d) Alabarch is able to present his list of certified slaves.

10. What causes Herod to change his mind about revolting against Rome?
(a) The onset of pneumonia.
(b) Bardanes is gaining too much power.
(c) The sight of an owl in daytime.
(d) A touching letter from Claudius.

11. How does the wedding party of Messalina and Silius know to run before the guards arrive?
(a) Vettius warns them from atop a tree.
(b) Pallus sends a messenger ahead of the guards to warn everyone.
(c) Barbillus predicted their coming.
(d) By the trampling noise of the officers' feet.

12. How does Silas react to news that Herod is dying?
(a) He outwardly mourns, but inwardly celebrates.
(b) He automatically assumes it was an assassination attempt.
(c) He condemns Herod for his actions and lack of friendship.
(d) He forgives him.

13. How does Vitellius die?
(a) Poison by a fellow consul.
(b) From a paralytic stroke.
(c) Execution.
(d) Murdered in a fire.

14. On Claudius' return to Rome from Calpurnia's home, whose carriage does he run into?
(a) Agrippinilla's.
(b) Silius'.
(c) Lucullus'.
(d) Vibidia Vestal's.

15. Why does Narcissus keep the truth of Messalina from Claudius?
(a) He wants to spare Claudius' feelings.
(b) He does not believe in meddling.
(c) He is as guilty as all the other men she sleeps with.
(d) He thought Claudius deserved it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Claudius to make it illegal to rob graves?

2. What does Claudius say he plans to do in his 7th year of rule?

3. What does Claudius do on his first triumph anniversary?

4. What brings Claudius to Ostia?

5. What does the reader discover about young Pompey?

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