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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Messalina poison Vinicius?
(a) He killed Asiaticus.
(b) He knows about her and Mnester.
(c) He refuses to sleep with her.
(d) He threatens Claudius.

2. Who does Claudius want to care for Britannicus?
(a) The Alabarch.
(b) Queen of the Brigantians.
(c) Xenophon.
(d) Narcissus.

3. What does Claudius say he plans to do in his 7th year of rule?
(a) Finish reforms and restore the Republic.
(b) Honor and give sacrifice for his seven favorite gods.
(c) Make an edict pronouncing Britannicus an heir of the crown.
(d) Give part of the emperor's role to 7 high consuls.

4. What causes Herod to change his mind about revolting against Rome?
(a) Bardanes is gaining too much power.
(b) The sight of an owl in daytime.
(c) The onset of pneumonia.
(d) A touching letter from Claudius.

5. What prediction allows Claudius to not worry about Agrippinilla?
(a) Claudius will die a natural death.
(b) Claudius will die a bachelor.
(c) Nero will kill his mother.
(d) His son will rise up and restore the Republic.

6. How does Vitellius die?
(a) Execution.
(b) Murdered in a fire.
(c) From a paralytic stroke.
(d) Poison by a fellow consul.

7. How does Claudius describe the first five years of his marriage to Agrippinilla?
(a) Coarse.
(b) Uneventful.
(c) Chaotic.
(d) Blah.

8. How does Claudius end up in Hell?
(a) Messalina pleads with the gods that it is a mistake if they deify him.
(b) Hell's angels call on to the angels of heaven and tell them he is not a god.
(c) The gods decide not to deify him and send him there.
(d) Claudius shows anger at the gods and is subsequently banished into Hell.

9. How does the wedding party of Messalina and Silius know to run before the guards arrive?
(a) Vettius warns them from atop a tree.
(b) By the trampling noise of the officers' feet.
(c) Pallus sends a messenger ahead of the guards to warn everyone.
(d) Barbillus predicted their coming.

10. What ability gains Nero popular admiration?
(a) Shrewd decisions in court.
(b) His sword fighting skills.
(c) A persuasive oration.
(d) He is as good as any Spaniard in bull fighting.

11. Why are the chariots ineffective in the Colchester battle for the Britons?
(a) The elephants are too strong for the chariots.
(b) The grounds are too swampy for the wheels.
(c) The battle grounds are too tight.
(d) The horses are deterred by the camel smell.

12. On Claudius' return to Rome from Calpurnia's home, whose carriage does he run into?
(a) Agrippinilla's.
(b) Lucullus'.
(c) Vibidia Vestal's.
(d) Silius'.

13. What does Claudius do on his first triumph anniversary?
(a) Erect a gold statue of himself.
(b) Honor Aulus.
(c) Honor Posides.
(d) Give money to the needy populace.

14. Who saves the Jews of the Near East from famine?
(a) The Queen of Adiabene.
(b) Posides.
(c) Claudius.
(d) The Alexandrian Jews.

15. What is Messalina's plan as soon as the guards come to arrest the wedding party?
(a) To write Vibidia Vestal.
(b) To feign a headache in bed at the palace.
(c) To write Claudius a love letter.
(d) To head to Ostia with her children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What literary innovation does Claudius suggest to the Senate?

2. What plan does Britannicus present to Claudius?

3. To whom do the people compare Britannicus during the Saecular games?

4. What does the reader discover about young Pompey?

5. According to Claudius, what proves Asiaticus' guilt?

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