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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of reputation do Castor and Herod build themselves in Rome?
(a) One of high virtue.
(b) One of irresponsibility.
(c) One of loyalty.
(d) One of utmost intelligence.

2. What is the consensus of the people when Caligula dies?
(a) They are tearful that he is gone.
(b) They fear Caligula's lapdogs' struggle for power.
(c) They are happy his tyranny is at an end.
(d) They are generally apathetic to politics.

3. What new holiday does Claudius add to the calendar?
(a) HIs parents' birthdays.
(b) Livia's birthday.
(c) His birthday.
(d) Messalina's birthday.

4. What people in the Roman Empire are the first to claim Claudius emperor?
(a) The populous.
(b) The Senate.
(c) The city battalion.
(d) The infantry and palace guards.

5. Of the following classes listed by Claudius, which does Herod the Agrippa best fit?
(a) Virtuous with golden hearts.
(b) Scoundrels with stony hearts.
(c) Scoundrels with golden hearts.
(d) Virtuous with stony hearts.

6. What stops Herod from his initial return to Rome?
(a) Tiberius' claim on his son's friends' lives for treason.
(b) Cypros wants to stay in Edom.
(c) Sergeants with a warrant for his arrest.
(d) Flaccus threatens anyone who financially helps Herod.

7. For whom does Claudius gain more respect as he settles into the emperor's role?
(a) The people.
(b) Augustus.
(c) Caligula.
(d) Tiberius.

8. Who is the first to speak up in support of Claudius?
(a) Vinicius.
(b) Justus.
(c) Herod.
(d) Messalina.

9. What do the Alexandrians do for Claudius and Messalina?
(a) Hold a 3-day festival for their birthdays.
(b) Build them each a gold statue.
(c) Mint a coin with both their profiles.
(d) Build a temple in their honor.

10. What stops the Alabarch from believing Herod's story when he and Cypros arrive in Alexandria?
(a) Cypros begs for forgiveness for Herod's dishonesty.
(b) The Alabarch asks their children the real story and they do not lie.
(c) Herod is unable to state that he abides the law.
(d) The Roman guard with them spills the truth.

11. What hoax occurs in Doris?
(a) A song about Claudius as a fool is caroled throughout town.
(b) A statue of Herod is dressed in Roman clothing.
(c) A statue of Claudius is placed in a synagogue.
(d) A model of a bumbling Claudius is paraded through town.

12. What brings Herod to Bashan?
(a) Bashan is desolate, where his creditors will not find him.
(b) Herod must hide away from Tiberius.
(c) His Uncle Philip lives there and assists him for a while.
(d) Caligula names him the ruler under his dictatorship.

13. How does Antonia's push for a coachman's arrest backfire?
(a) The coachman bribes Gemullus to lie about Herod.
(b) The coachman reveals Antonia's treasonous intentions.
(c) The coachman reveals Herod's treasonous remarks.
(d) Tiberius' threatens Antonia of banishment for not letting the matter go.

14. Why would corn factors NOT want to enhance Ostia?
(a) The tourism industry will compete with their business.
(b) It indirectly gives them greater profits.
(c) They will not be banished.
(d) Ostia will grow a better species of corn than their current ones.

15. What is Lupus' role in restoring the Republic?
(a) To kill Caligula's family.
(b) To sway the guards to support the Senate.
(c) To lead the consul in updating the Constitution.
(d) To convince the public that Caligula's death is good.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Silas' appointment as Master of Horse controversial?

2. What campaign does Claudius give Gabinius?

3. How does Tiberius die?

4. How does Claudius feel about being an emperor?

5. What drives Herod from his post as a magistrate?

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