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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Vitellius write to Claudius?
(a) He believes Myron is being dishonest.
(b) He is suspicious of Messalina's honesty.
(c) He believes Herod is planning a secret banquet.
(d) The Senate is beginning to talk bad about Claudius.

2. What advice does Herod give Messalina to control a possible state financial crisis?
(a) Allow the Jewish more prosperity to create more economic opportunities.
(b) Close all the banks.
(c) Allow him to speak to the public.
(d) Encourage Claudius to make more mints.

3. Claudius claims what feeling when he hears of a possible rebellion?
(a) Relief of no longer being an emperor.
(b) Fearful of a painful death.
(c) Anger that someone dares stand up to him.
(d) Fear that he must physically fight for his empire.

4. What stops the Alabarch from believing Herod's story when he and Cypros arrive in Alexandria?
(a) The Alabarch asks their children the real story and they do not lie.
(b) The Roman guard with them spills the truth.
(c) Herod is unable to state that he abides the law.
(d) Cypros begs for forgiveness for Herod's dishonesty.

5. What change occurs in the Senate's intentions in the first day following Caligula's death?
(a) From restoring the Republic to appointing a new emperor.
(b) From allowing a populous vote to having the consul vote for a new emperor.
(c) From appointing Claudius as the new emperor to voting for Herod.
(d) From accusing Cassius a traitor to calling him a hero.

6. What slows Claudius' journey to Britain?
(a) Claudius refuses to enter Britain without his elephants.
(b) Claudius gets a snake bite along a march and must convalesce in Lyons.
(c) He falls ill and Xenophon orders rest.
(d) He is afraid of the water and will only travel by land.

7. What economic advice does Messalina give Claudius?
(a) To begin bank holidays.
(b) To grant monopolies.
(c) To grant public health.
(d) To grant a supply of meats and wine to the public.

8. What connection does Herod have in Edom?
(a) Flaccus, his uncle and brother-in-law.
(b) His grandfather, Herod the Great.
(c) Silas, an old family friend.
(d) His uncle, Antipas.

9. Why does Claudius want to build a harbor?
(a) Because Herod advised him to.
(b) To strengthen the navy.
(c) To build a tourism industry.
(d) To avoid famine.

10. What campaign does Claudius give Gabinius?
(a) To burn the temples of Hercules in Germany.
(b) To protect the Rhine river from the lower tribes of Germany.
(c) To retrieve the last Eagle.
(d) To attack the Chattians.

11. What cures Claudius of trembles and fatigue?
(a) Rose water.
(b) Clean water.
(c) Dandelion tea.
(d) Bryony.

12. Why is it difficult for Petronius to follow through with Caligula's orders?
(a) The Alexandrians succeed in their revolt against Petronius' men.
(b) The high priest is a masterful orator and convinces Petronius to give in.
(c) The Jews are armed.
(d) The Jews resist with respectful non-violence.

13. Who does Claudius credit for the rains and success in Morocco?
(a) Father Gwa-Gwa.
(b) Helius, God of weather.
(c) Rufius, his army commander.
(d) Geta.

14. Who is the first to speak up in support of Claudius?
(a) Justus.
(b) Messalina.
(c) Vinicius.
(d) Herod.

15. What is Lupus' role in restoring the Republic?
(a) To kill Caligula's family.
(b) To sway the guards to support the Senate.
(c) To lead the consul in updating the Constitution.
(d) To convince the public that Caligula's death is good.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Herod's last advice to Claudius at Herod's farewell party?

2. How does the Senate show their apologies to Claudius?

3. What drives Herod from his post as a magistrate?

4. What does Herod convince Caligula of concerning Antipas?

5. What seems most important to the Alabarch above all else?

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