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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What drives Herod from his post as a magistrate?
(a) Cypros wants to return to Rome.
(b) He insults his uncle at a banquet.
(c) He is caught taking bribes.
(d) He is bored and wants to seek more adventures.

2. What advice does Xenophon give Claudius?
(a) Trust no one.
(b) Give more power to the Senate.
(c) Walk more.
(d) Read and write less.

3. What is the significance of an owl in the prison with Herod?
(a) The owl is a sign of present danger.
(b) The owl is a messenger of Caligula's.
(c) It puts dirt on Herod's shoulder and signifies good luck.
(d) An owl seen outside of nighttime prophecies bad luck.

4. What is the first lie Claudius ever tells Herod?
(a) He believes Herod is the Messiah of the Jews.
(b) He does not believe Marsus' accusations against Herod.
(c) He needs Herod's help with the British campaign.
(d) The British campaign is going very well.

5. What does Togodumnus demand from Claudius?
(a) Full control of the British ports.
(b) Caractacus.
(c) Bericus and the regalia.
(d) Gold.

6. According to Claudius, what is the best Roman monument?
(a) The palace.
(b) The Temple of Mars.
(c) The Appian Way.
(d) The statue of Augustus.

7. What happens to Seneca?
(a) He is promoted to Roman Consul.
(b) He is executed.
(c) He is freed.
(d) He is banished.

8. Who attempts assassination on Claudius?
(a) Seneca.
(b) A freed man of Lesbia's.
(c) Messalina.
(d) A slave of Lesbia's.

9. Why does Herod head to Edom?
(a) To flee assassination attempts.
(b) To visit old family.
(c) To run away from his creditors.
(d) To meet the father he never knew.

10. Why does Claudius get angry at the magistrate of Ostia?
(a) The magistrate writes a letter of complaint about the city project.
(b) The magistrate blames Claudius for the predicted famine.
(c) The magistrate does not greet Claudius when he arrives.
(d) Claudius blames the magistrate for the slow progress of the project.

11. What does Herod do at the temple of treasury in Jerusalem?
(a) Replace the iron chain with a gold one.
(b) Give an offering of 1000 gold coins.
(c) Figure how much tax to cut.
(d) Fire the treasurer for his remarks.

12. How does Claudius make up for the retraction of Caligula's holidays?
(a) By adding dozens of his own holidays.
(b) Hosting Sportulas.
(c) Hosting banquets in a different region each month.
(d) Cutting the taxes that paid for the holidays.

13. What symbols represent life and death in Druidism?
(a) Oak tree, snake, and white bull.
(b) Oak tree, ram, and a violet.
(c) Water, stone, and fire.
(d) Maple tree, snake, and black bull.

14. What causes a delay in Claudius' war against Britain?
(a) There is a dispute between commanders.
(b) Galba gets ill.
(c) Claudius becomes too busy with matters at home.
(d) The elephants are unable to cross the channel.

15. What is Claudius known as amongst the royal family?
(a) The naive.
(b) The punisher.
(c) The honest.
(d) The fool.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tiberius die?

2. What new holiday does Claudius add to the calendar?

3. How does Messalina get Silanus reinstated into Rome?

4. What cures Claudius of trembles and fatigue?

5. Who saves Geta in battle?

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