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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section IV, ch. 9-11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herod convince Caligula of concerning Antipas?
(a) That Antipas is innocent and means no harm.
(b) That deceit lies in Herodius, not Antipas.
(c) That Antipas threatened Herod for his title.
(d) That Antipas is plotting treason against Caligula.

2. How does Claudius feel about being an emperor?
(a) He believes this is the time to prove everyone who doubts him.
(b) He is not fully aware of his power.
(c) He feels compelled to do it by the support of others.
(d) He feels secure if Herod becomes his adviser.

3. How does Herod cheat his brother, Aristobulus?
(a) He lies about investment profits and takes the bulk for himself.
(b) He takes his brother's wife for himself.
(c) He borrows from creditors in Aristobulus' name.
(d) Herod keeps his brother's money that he was supposed to invest.

4. Why does Herod head to Edom?
(a) To visit old family.
(b) To flee assassination attempts.
(c) To run away from his creditors.
(d) To meet the father he never knew.

5. How does Herod end up in Rome?
(a) Herod dislikes his family and runs away to Rome.
(b) His father sends him away.
(c) His grandfather sends him there.
(d) His mother believes the education is better there.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Gemullus confirm Tiberius' suspicions of treasonous intentions?

2. How does Claudius make up for the retraction of Caligula's holidays?

3. According to Claudius, what is the best Roman monument?

4. What advice does Herod give Messalina to control a possible state financial crisis?

5. Who is the head conspirator of Caligula's assassination?

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