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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section XII, ch. 29-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the death of Togodumnus positive for the Britons?
(a) It makes Bericus mourn and give in.
(b) Togodumnus was a tyrannic leader.
(c) It tricks the Romans into believing the campaign is over.
(d) It unites all of them under Caractacus.

2. How does Antonia's push for a coachman's arrest backfire?
(a) Tiberius' threatens Antonia of banishment for not letting the matter go.
(b) The coachman bribes Gemullus to lie about Herod.
(c) The coachman reveals Antonia's treasonous intentions.
(d) The coachman reveals Herod's treasonous remarks.

3. How does Herod surprise Claudius concerning money?
(a) Herod repays his debt to Claudius before it is due.
(b) Herod gives his money to charity when he profits from investments.
(c) Herod gives it to Aristobulus.
(d) Herod uses it to educate his children.

4. What proof does Claudius see that shows Messalina's deception?
(a) A prepared speech to the Senate claiming a restoration of the Republic.
(b) Silius' new house from Messalina with Claudius' heirlooms.
(c) Her lying eyes when she says she loves him.
(d) Unwarranted documents showing her orders for the privy purse and public stores.

5. What act does Caligula attempt that angers many Jews?
(a) Banishing all Jewish holiday celebrations.
(b) Erecting a statue of himself in the Holy of Holies.
(c) Burning down all the synagogues.
(d) Erecting statues of Jesus in public squares in Jerusalem.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Narcissus general for a day?

2. How does Corbulo take it too far by the Rhine?

3. Who is the first to speak up in support of Claudius?

4. What change in treasury does Claudius do?

5. In his first months, what are Claudius' top priorities?

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