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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section IV, ch. 9-11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Herod's last advice to Claudius at Herod's farewell party?
(a) Not to trust anyone.
(b) Don't forget about the people.
(c) To keep his enemies close.
(d) Beware of too much flattery.

2. What is the consensus of the people when Caligula dies?
(a) They are tearful that he is gone.
(b) They fear Caligula's lapdogs' struggle for power.
(c) They are happy his tyranny is at an end.
(d) They are generally apathetic to politics.

3. How does Claudius feel about being an emperor?
(a) He feels compelled to do it by the support of others.
(b) He feels secure if Herod becomes his adviser.
(c) He is not fully aware of his power.
(d) He believes this is the time to prove everyone who doubts him.

4. How does Claudius make up for the retraction of Caligula's holidays?
(a) By adding dozens of his own holidays.
(b) Hosting banquets in a different region each month.
(c) Cutting the taxes that paid for the holidays.
(d) Hosting Sportulas.

5. What advice does Herod give Messalina to control a possible state financial crisis?
(a) Encourage Claudius to make more mints.
(b) Close all the banks.
(c) Allow the Jewish more prosperity to create more economic opportunities.
(d) Allow him to speak to the public.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who ends up committing suicide because of the way Caligula rules the Roman Empire?

2. For whom does Claudius gain more respect as he settles into the emperor's role?

3. What seems most important to the Alabarch above all else?

4. How does Herod surprise Claudius concerning money?

5. What connection does Herod have in Edom?

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