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Phillip M Hoose
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Claudette meet at Rosa Parks' home one evening?
(a) A black man 10 years older than she.
(b) Medgar Evers.
(c) Her future husband.
(d) Dr. King.

2. Why was Claudette's boyfriend upset with her?
(a) For not straightening her hair.
(b) For not being willing to marry him.
(c) For continuing to attend the NAACP meetings.
(d) For wanting to go to college.

3. What did Robinson collect?
(a) Stories of legal triumphs for black rights.
(b) Money for Claudette's defense.
(c) Money for Claudette's family to move North.
(d) Stories of abuse by bus drivers.

4. What happened to Brooks in 1952?
(a) He was shot by a police officer for standing up to a driver.
(b) She was barred from the buses for the rest of her life and had to quit her job.
(c) She was fined.
(d) He was hit by a black woman who refused to give up her seat.

5. Where were the cops taking Claudette?
(a) To her bus stop since the bus was broken down.
(b) To her home so she would not be in danger walking through a white neighborhood.
(c) To talk to a lawyer.
(d) To jail.

6. What happened when Claudette rode with the police?
(a) They didn't talk to her at all.
(b) They ridiculed her.
(c) They slapped her around.
(d) They were kind to her.

7. Why did blacks depend upon buses?
(a) To reach their white employers.
(b) To get to the grocery store.
(c) To visit friends and family.
(d) They did not depend on the buses.

8. What did the Supreme Court do in 1954?
(a) Declined to consider it.
(b) Threw out Reeves' case.
(c) Upheld Reeves' conviction.
(d) Upheld Reeves' sentence.

9. What happened at the next stop the bus made?
(a) The bus hits a telephone pole.
(b) Claudette's mom is waiting for her.
(c) A policeman is waiting to arrest Claudette.
(d) Claudette gets up to leave but the young white man prevents her.

10. Who is Claudette Colvin?
(a) The author of the book.
(b) The white girl whose best friend was black.
(c) The antagonist.
(d) The narrator at the opening of the book.

11. In what decades are her childhood years?
(a) 1930-40s.
(b) 1950-60s.
(c) 1940-50s.
(d) 1920-30s.

12. What did the driver say to Claudette?
(a) He had to put her on another bus since he forgot to stop at her stop.
(b) She needed to get off the bus and take another since it was broken down.
(c) Claudette did not need to get up since her foot was broken.
(d) He needed her row of seats.

13. What was Claudette's involvement in the NAACP?
(a) She attended the meetings sporadically.
(b) She was elected the President.
(c) She quit as she felt betrayed by them.
(d) She became the youth secretary.

14. What did 75 percent of the black men do in the 1950s?
(a) Unskilled labor.
(b) They were able to get decent educations and work as clerical and service persons.
(c) Farm.
(d) Nothing.

15. Where did blacks have to sit on the bus?
(a) On the front left.
(b) In the back.
(c) In the front.
(d) On the front right.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Claudette call "mom and dad"?

2. What made Claudette angry when she would go to downtown Montgomery?

3. Of what group is Jo Ann Robinson a member?

4. Who came up while Claudette was still standing with the white boys?

5. Who became involved in Jeremiah Reeves' case?

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