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Phillip M Hoose
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Delphine?
(a) Claudette's best friend.
(b) Claudette's younger sister.
(c) Claudette's great aunt.
(d) Claudette's aunt.

2. Why did Claudette's family stay up that night?
(a) Fear of lynching.
(b) To celebrate a milestone.
(c) They were constantly harrassed by whites coming by.
(d) They did not because it was a work night and didn't want to celebrate late.

3. Why was Claudette's boyfriend upset with her?
(a) For not being willing to marry him.
(b) For continuing to attend the NAACP meetings.
(c) For wanting to go to college.
(d) For not straightening her hair.

4. What sometimes happened if a black person stood up to a driver?
(a) They were barred from the buses for a month.
(b) S/he was fined.
(c) They were barred from ever using the bus again.
(d) They were thrown in jail.

5. What is one thing blacks and whites could not do together?
(a) Shop at the same farmer's market.
(b) Ride on the same train.
(c) Play on the same sports team.
(d) Watch a sports event in a stadium.

6. Who did Claudette meet at Rosa Parks' home one evening?
(a) Medgar Evers.
(b) Her future husband.
(c) A black man 10 years older than she.
(d) Dr. King.

7. Who was Mary Louise Smith?
(a) A white girl from the North who comes down to sit with blacks on the buses.
(b) Claudette's best friend.
(c) A young black teenager who deified bus segregation.
(d) A young black girl who is severely beaten for speaking for civil rights in a park.

8. When did Claudette move to the suburbs in Montgomery?
(a) At age 5.
(b) At age 15.
(c) At age 4.
(d) At age 8.

9. Of what group is Jo Ann Robinson a member?
(a) Women's Political Council.
(b) Women's Democratic League.
(c) Toastmistress.
(d) DAR.

10. To what is Fred Gray committed?
(a) Upholding the system of segregation.
(b) Winning a prison sentence against Claudette.
(c) Keeping the sitution about Claudette from becoming a circus.
(d) Ending segregation.

11. What did some of the white men on the buses carry?
(a) Guns.
(b) Knives.
(c) Billy clubs.
(d) Gloves so they didn't have to touch a black person.

12. Who was the pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church?
(a) James Forman.
(b) W.E.B. Dubois.
(c) Medgar Evers.
(d) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

13. What was Claudette's involvement in the NAACP?
(a) She was elected the President.
(b) She quit as she felt betrayed by them.
(c) She attended the meetings sporadically.
(d) She became the youth secretary.

14. How were the races interacting during this time?
(a) Loosely segregated.
(b) The blacks were confined to neighborhoods by tall fences.
(c) Segregated, but if a black was well educated and wealthy, they could live in white areas.
(d) Heavily segregated.

15. What happens to Delphine in the summer of 1952?
(a) She went back to stay with her biological parents.
(b) She is arrested.
(c) She contracted polio.
(d) She contracted mumps.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Police Commissioner do?

2. In 1950, what percent of black women were maids for white families?

3. Who did Claudette call "mom and dad"?

4. What did Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka do?

5. What did everyone lose interest in except Gray?

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