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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Colonel Morden's plan for what Clarissa should do if she doesn't die?
(a) Go hide in Pennsylvania.
(b) Travel with Colonel Morden for several years.
(c) Marry Mr. Wyerley, if he will still have her.
(d) Live with Miss Howe.

2. Who are Mr. Mullins and Mr. Wyerley?
(a) Two men who wanted to marry Clarissa.
(b) Clarissa's cousins.
(c) Two policemen who are investigating Lovelace.
(d) Two of the varlets.

3. Who is the Belfords' housekeeper?
(a) Mrs. Norton.
(b) Mrs. Howe.
(c) Widow Lovick.
(d) Mrs. Harlowe.

4. What do Lovelace's relatives want to give Clarissa to show their regard for her?
(a) A quarterly allowance.
(b) All their property.
(c) All the money Lovelace expects to inherit from Lord M.
(d) A lot of jewelry and clothes.

5. Why does Belford beg Lovelace not to visit Clarissa?
(a) Because a visit from Lovelace will make Clarissa die sooner.
(b) Because Belford is afraid Lovelace will commit suicide if he sees Clarissa.
(c) Because the police are planning to arrest Lovelace if he shows up at Clarissa's lodgings.
(d) Because Belford has decided to marry Clarissa himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who mocks Belford and Belton while Belton is dying?

2. When Belford criticizes Clarissa's family for its stubbornness, how does Clarissa respond?

3. What does Clarissa say about her birthday during her illness?

4. To whom does Clarissa send the mean letters she received from her family?

5. Why does Colonel Morden hide from Clarissa?

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