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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Clarissa know what Lovelace and Tomlinson said to each other?
(a) Lovelace told Clarissa what they said.
(b) Clarissa eavesdropped on them.
(c) Tomlinson wrote Clarissa a letter and told her.
(d) Dorcas told Clarissa what they said.

2. How do Lovelace's friends react when they learn that Clarissa does not like them?
(a) They all decide to go to church.
(b) They hope Clarissa will like them more later.
(c) They say she is reasonable and that Lovelace should marry her.
(d) They tell Lovelace that Clarissa is not good enough to be his wife.

3. When Clarissa visits Lovelace's bedroom in her nightgown, what does she ask him?
(a) What is going to happen to her next.
(b) Why he didn't marry Arabella.
(c) Why he does not get mental help.
(d) Whether he likes this nightgown.

4. What important news does Colonel Morden's letter contain?
(a) Colonel Morden has challenged James to a duel.
(b) Colonel Morden has learned that Lovelace is really Clarissa's brother.
(c) Colonel Morden thinks Clarissa should have married Solmes.
(d) Colonel Morden is never returning to England.

5. Why does Dr. Lewen refuse to perform the wedding ceremony?
(a) Because Dr. Lewen is sick with gout.
(b) Because Dr. Lewen can not stand the Harlowes.
(c) Because Clarissa does not consent.
(d) Because Dr. Lewen earlier fought a duel with Solmes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What goal does Lovelace say he will achieve by trying to seduce Clarissa?

2. What does Mr. Belton learn that his mistress did to him?

3. What two reasons does Clarissa give for not visiting Lovelace's aunt, Lady Betty Lawrence?

4. What kind of place does Lovelace trick Clarissa into choosing for her lodging in London?

5. Why does Lovelace think it has been easy for Clarissa to be virtuous so far?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Richardson decided to include Belton's death scene in the novel? What purpose does this scene serve?

2. How does Clarissa's will continue to develop her character?

3. Do you think Lovelace is right to insist on visiting Clarissa when he believes she is dying? Why or why not?

4. Does Clarissa's behavior with her coffin reinforce the earlier development of her character? Why or why not?

5. Why do you think Belford disagrees with Lovelace's determination to seduce Clarissa?

6. Explain why Clarissa would think she has a "duty" to ask her family to give her a last blessing.

7. In letters 1-21, Clarissa's family tries to control her behavior. Discuss at least two of her family members and explain their motivations to behave the way they do toward her.

8. How does Clarissa's discussion with the doctor about her death characterize her?

9. Why do you think Clarissa keeps refusing the money people offer her?

10. Do you think that Lovelace's family is doing the right thing by encouraging him to marry Clarissa? Why or why not?

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