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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Clarissa's doctor give for saying she does not have to pay him?
(a) The doctor says Lovelace should pay him, since he ravished Clarissa.
(b) Some of his visits are social.
(c) The doctor wants to marry Clarissa.
(d) The doctor says the government should pay him, since Clarissa is so wonderful.

2. What does Brand say about Belford's relationship with Clarissa?
(a) That he thinks Belford is a drug dealer.
(b) That he thinks Belford is trying to convince Clarissa to leave her money to Belford.
(c) That he thinks Belford gives Clarissa money.
(d) That he thinks Belford is Lovelace in disguise.

3. Who does Colonel Morden disinherit?
(a) Clarissa.
(b) Belford.
(c) Lovelace.
(d) James.

4. What does Clarissa explain she meant when she said she hoped she would be able to receive Mr. Lovelace in her father's house?
(a) Clarissa meant that she would meet Lovelace in the garden at Harlowe Place to marry him before she dies.
(b) That Clarissa hopes her parents will change their minds about Lovelace, and if they do, she will marry him.
(c) Clarissa is planning to take legal action against her parents; if she succeeds, she will evict them from Harlowe Place and marry Lovelace there.
(d) That Lovelace will reform and Clarissa will be able to meet him in heaven.

5. What errand does Miss Howe have in London, which means she will be able to visit Clarissa?
(a) Shopping for her own coffin.
(b) Visiting her aunt on the Isle of Wight.
(c) Buying wedding clothes.
(d) Meeting with a lawyer to write her own will.

6. Why does Belford have to leave Clarissa's neighborhood to visit Belton?
(a) Because Belton is giving a ball, and Belford has to be there.
(b) Because Belton promised Belford a lot of money for visiting him.
(c) Because Belton is dying.
(d) Because Lovelace wants Belford to leave so he can visit Clarissa alone.

7. What reason does Clarissa give Charlotte for continuing to refuse to marry Lovelace?
(a) Clarissa does not believe she is strong enough to stand up for a wedding ceremony.
(b) If Clarissa married Lovelace, she would appear to be approving of his actions, and that would make her unworthy to be associated with the Lovelace family.
(c) The Lovelace family is not worthy of Clarissa.
(d) Clarissa is in love with Mr. Solmes.

8. What are the Harlowes doing when they get the news of Clarissa's death?
(a) Preparing to throw a ball to celebrate Arabella's engagement.
(b) Watching James fight a duel.
(c) Talking about the fact that they don't think Clarissa is really very sick.
(d) Packing to go on vacation.

9. To whom does Clarissa leave her miniature portrait of Miss Howe?
(a) Arabella.
(b) Lovelace.
(c) Mr. Hickman.
(d) James.

10. What language was Clarissa learning before her death?
(a) Chinese.
(b) Greek.
(c) Japanese.
(d) Latin.

11. Who does Lovelace hope to see at Colonel Ambrose's ball?
(a) Miss Howe and Mr. Hickman.
(b) Uncle Antony and Uncle Harlowe.
(c) Polly and Sally.
(d) Colonel Ambrose and Lord M.

12. Who offers to adopt Clarissa as his own daughter?
(a) Lord M.
(b) Mr. Hickman.
(c) Lovelace.
(d) Colonel Morden.

13. When Lovelace goes to Clarissa's lodgings and she is not there, who does Lovelace leave to spy on her?
(a) Will.
(b) Bill.
(c) His aunt.
(d) Solmes

14. Which adjective best describes Clarissa's behavior when discussing her death with the doctor?
(a) Desperate.
(b) Calm.
(c) Hysterical.
(d) Angry.

15. Besides the Harlowes' servants, what other servants does Clarissa leave money to?
(a) The servants of the queen.
(b) The Howes' servants.
(c) Widow Sinclair's servants.
(d) The servants of the king.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which family member recommends to Clarissa to stop seeing Belford, in hopes that she might be able to reconcile with the rest of the family if she does?

2. After Mr. Harlowe renounces his curse, what does Clarissa write to her mother to ask for?

3. Who is the Belfords' housekeeper?

4. What is Colonel Morden's plan for what Clarissa should do if she doesn't die?

5. Who does Clarissa especially want to prevent from viewing her body?

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