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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which adjectives best describe Miss Howe's state of mind while viewing Clarissa's corpse?
(a) Amused and skeptical.
(b) Angry and confused.
(c) Calm and peaceful.
(d) Frantic and mournful.

2. Why does Belford beg Lovelace not to visit Clarissa?
(a) Because the police are planning to arrest Lovelace if he shows up at Clarissa's lodgings.
(b) Because Belford has decided to marry Clarissa himself.
(c) Because Belford is afraid Lovelace will commit suicide if he sees Clarissa.
(d) Because a visit from Lovelace will make Clarissa die sooner.

3. How does M'Donald feel while dying?
(a) Penitent.
(b) Calm and rational.
(c) Sure of going to heaven.
(d) Happy to be getting out of jail.

4. How does Clarissa plan to pay for her funeral?
(a) She sells her clothes.
(b) She asks Lovelace to pay, since her death is his fault.
(c) She asks Miss Howe to take up a collection among her friends.
(d) She hopes that it will cost her family a lot of money.

5. What does Brand say about Belford's relationship with Clarissa?
(a) That he thinks Belford is Lovelace in disguise.
(b) That he thinks Belford gives Clarissa money.
(c) That he thinks Belford is trying to convince Clarissa to leave her money to Belford.
(d) That he thinks Belford is a drug dealer.

6. When Lovelace reads Clarissa's letter about going to her "father's house," why is he happy?
(a) If Clarissa goes to her father's house, Lovelace doesn't have to worry about her any more.
(b) Lovelace knows it is easy to get Clarissa to run away from her father's house.
(c) He thinks Clarissa intends to marry him.
(d) Lovelace plans to set Harlowe Place on fire, so Clarissa is playing right into his hand.

7. Who does Lovelace hope to see at Colonel Ambrose's ball?
(a) Polly and Sally.
(b) Miss Howe and Mr. Hickman.
(c) Uncle Antony and Uncle Harlowe.
(d) Colonel Ambrose and Lord M.

8. What stops Lovelace from killing himself when he learns of Clarissa's death?
(a) Will has taken all his weapons away.
(b) He's a coward and stops at the last minute.
(c) Clarissa's ghost appears and tells him to stop.
(d) Lord M has Lovelace put in a padded cell to protect him.

9. What languages did Clarissa know well, besides English?
(a) Spanish and Chinese.
(b) German and Russian.
(c) French and Italian.
(d) Latin and Greek.

10. After reading the letter in which Clarissa mentions going to her "father's house," what does Lovelace guess might have changed Clarissa's thinking?
(a) He thinks she is pregnant.
(b) He thinks Colonel Morden persuaded her.
(c) He thinks she always intended to marry him, but didn't want him to know it.
(d) He thinks Belford has persuaded her.

11. When the Harlowe family is grieving Clarissa's death, what does Colonel Morden say was Clarissa's only fault?
(a) Her willingness to forgive her family.
(b) Her unwillingness to forgive her family.
(c) Her pride.
(d) Her lack of will power.

12. Why doesn't Clarissa respond to Miss Howe's letter suggesting she put herself under Lady Betty's protection and marry Lovelace?
(a) Clarissa thinks Miss Howe's letter is a forgery.
(b) Clarissa doesn't get the letter, because she's in jail.
(c) Clarissa is so upset she has lost the ability to hold a pen.
(d) Clarissa is still not speaking to Miss Howe.

13. What does Clarissa do with her coffin while she's still alive?
(a) Lays in it to pretend she is a vampire.
(b) Asks other people to lay in it when they want to talk to her.
(c) Uses it as a desk.
(d) Stares at it all the time, mumbling about how she does not want to die.

14. Why does Clarissa want copies of Lovelace's letters to Belford?
(a) Because Clarissa wants to write a novel about everything that has happened to her.
(b) Because Clarissa suspects that Belford encouraged Lovelace to mistreat her.
(c) Because Clarissa hopes that if she reads these letters, she will be able to tell whether or not Lovelace really loves her.
(d) Because the Howes want to know all the details of Clarissa's story.

15. What activity does the apothecary recommend Clarissa do less of to improve her health?
(a) Fainting.
(b) Laying around.
(c) Taking opium.
(d) Writing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who inherits the lands that were supposed to go to Lovelace?

2. What are the Harlowes doing when they get the news of Clarissa's death?

3. What reason does Clarissa's doctor give for saying she does not have to pay him?

4. Who does Colonel Morden disinherit?

5. Besides the Harlowes' servants, what other servants does Clarissa leave money to?

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