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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Colonel Morden hide from Clarissa?
(a) He thinks it would cheer her up if he jumped out from behind the curtains.
(b) He is afraid to see her because he feels guilty about not having helped her more.
(c) He knows Clarissa hates when people watch her sleeping, so he doesn't want her to know he was doing that.
(d) He doesn't want to shock her, since she hasn't seen him in a long time and she is sick.

2. To whom does Clarissa want her picture of Miss Howe to be given?
(a) Mr. Hickman.
(b) Mrs. Howe.
(c) Lovelace.
(d) Mr. Wyerley.

3. Who (besides Clarissa) asks Belford to be the executor of a will?
(a) Uncle Antony and Uncle Harlowe.
(b) Lord M and Colonel Morden.
(c) Miss Howe and Mr. Hickman.
(d) Belton and Lovelace.

4. Who does Clarissa instruct Belford to be friends with?
(a) Lovelace.
(b) James.
(c) Colonel Morden.
(d) The varlets.

5. What activity does the apothecary recommend Clarissa do less of to improve her health?
(a) Writing.
(b) Laying around.
(c) Taking opium.
(d) Fainting.

6. What does Clarissa do with her coffin while she's still alive?
(a) Stares at it all the time, mumbling about how she does not want to die.
(b) Asks other people to lay in it when they want to talk to her.
(c) Lays in it to pretend she is a vampire.
(d) Uses it as a desk.

7. What do James and Arabella think causes their unhappiness in marriage?
(a) All marriages are unhappy.
(b) The fact that they did not inherit Morden's money.
(c) Solmes is out to get them.
(d) Their bad treatment of Clarissa.

8. When most of Clarissa's family agrees to let Mrs. Norton go to visit Clarissa while she is dying, which member of the family holds out?
(a) Aunt Antonia.
(b) James.
(c) Mrs. Howe.
(d) Uncle Antony.

9. When Belton knows he is dying, how does he feel?
(a) Happy, because he knows he is going to heaven.
(b) Angry with Belford, because he blames the problems in his life on Belford.
(c) He does not believe the doctor and insists on acting like he's fine.
(d) Remorseful for his immoral life.

10. What are the Harlowes doing when they get the news of Clarissa's death?
(a) Talking about the fact that they don't think Clarissa is really very sick.
(b) Preparing to throw a ball to celebrate Arabella's engagement.
(c) Watching James fight a duel.
(d) Packing to go on vacation.

11. Why does Belford beg Lovelace not to visit Clarissa?
(a) Because a visit from Lovelace will make Clarissa die sooner.
(b) Because Belford is afraid Lovelace will commit suicide if he sees Clarissa.
(c) Because the police are planning to arrest Lovelace if he shows up at Clarissa's lodgings.
(d) Because Belford has decided to marry Clarissa himself.

12. Who mocks Belford and Belton while Belton is dying?
(a) Mowbray.
(b) Hickman.
(c) Uncle Harlowe.
(d) Arabella.

13. Who does Clarissa specifically forbid to wear mourning clothes?
(a) Miss Howe.
(b) Lovelace.
(c) Widow Sinclair.
(d) Arabella.

14. What reason does Clarissa give Charlotte for continuing to refuse to marry Lovelace?
(a) If Clarissa married Lovelace, she would appear to be approving of his actions, and that would make her unworthy to be associated with the Lovelace family.
(b) The Lovelace family is not worthy of Clarissa.
(c) Clarissa is in love with Mr. Solmes.
(d) Clarissa does not believe she is strong enough to stand up for a wedding ceremony.

15. When Lovelace reads Clarissa's letter about going to her "father's house," why is he happy?
(a) If Clarissa goes to her father's house, Lovelace doesn't have to worry about her any more.
(b) Lovelace knows it is easy to get Clarissa to run away from her father's house.
(c) He thinks Clarissa intends to marry him.
(d) Lovelace plans to set Harlowe Place on fire, so Clarissa is playing right into his hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers to adopt Clarissa as his own daughter?

2. Why does Morden criticize Miss Howe?

3. What does Clarissa say about her birthday during her illness?

4. When Lovelace goes to Clarissa's lodgings and she is not there, who does Lovelace leave to spy on her?

5. What does Arabella say in her letter that arrived after Clarissa's death?

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