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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Clarissa especially want to prevent from viewing her body?
(a) Widow Sinclair.
(b) The varlets.
(c) Miss Howe.
(d) Lovelace.

2. How does Clarissa plan to pay for her funeral?
(a) She asks Miss Howe to take up a collection among her friends.
(b) She asks Lovelace to pay, since her death is his fault.
(c) She sells her clothes.
(d) She hopes that it will cost her family a lot of money.

3. In Clarissa's posthumous letter to Lovelace, what does she say about her feelings for him?
(a) That she once loved him but now hates him, and expects he will be punished when he dies.
(b) That she did prefer him and hopes for his reformation.
(c) That she never cared for him.
(d) That she liked him a little, but no more than she liked Mr. Solmes.

4. How does Widow Sinclair act when Belford tells her she's dying?
(a) Hysterical.
(b) She laughs and tells him everyone's dying and she doesn't care.
(c) Calm and practical.
(d) She does not believe him.

5. Who offers to adopt Clarissa as his own daughter?
(a) Lovelace.
(b) Colonel Morden.
(c) Lord M.
(d) Mr. Hickman.

6. What is Colonel Morden's plan for what Clarissa should do if she doesn't die?
(a) Live with Miss Howe.
(b) Go hide in Pennsylvania.
(c) Marry Mr. Wyerley, if he will still have her.
(d) Travel with Colonel Morden for several years.

7. Who does Clarissa ask to be the executor of her will?
(a) Mr. Hickman.
(b) Uncle Antony.
(c) Miss Howe.
(d) Belford.

8. What does Clarissa explain she meant when she said she hoped she would be able to receive Mr. Lovelace in her father's house?
(a) Clarissa is planning to take legal action against her parents; if she succeeds, she will evict them from Harlowe Place and marry Lovelace there.
(b) That Lovelace will reform and Clarissa will be able to meet him in heaven.
(c) Clarissa meant that she would meet Lovelace in the garden at Harlowe Place to marry him before she dies.
(d) That Clarissa hopes her parents will change their minds about Lovelace, and if they do, she will marry him.

9. What does Brand say about Belford's relationship with Clarissa?
(a) That he thinks Belford gives Clarissa money.
(b) That he thinks Belford is a drug dealer.
(c) That he thinks Belford is Lovelace in disguise.
(d) That he thinks Belford is trying to convince Clarissa to leave her money to Belford.

10. What stops Lovelace from killing himself when he learns of Clarissa's death?
(a) Will has taken all his weapons away.
(b) Lord M has Lovelace put in a padded cell to protect him.
(c) Clarissa's ghost appears and tells him to stop.
(d) He's a coward and stops at the last minute.

11. Who mocks Belford and Belton while Belton is dying?
(a) Mowbray.
(b) Arabella.
(c) Hickman.
(d) Uncle Harlowe.

12. How does M'Donald feel while dying?
(a) Calm and rational.
(b) Penitent.
(c) Sure of going to heaven.
(d) Happy to be getting out of jail.

13. Who does Clarissa specifically forbid to wear mourning clothes?
(a) Widow Sinclair.
(b) Lovelace.
(c) Arabella.
(d) Miss Howe.

14. What are the Harlowes doing when they get the news of Clarissa's death?
(a) Packing to go on vacation.
(b) Watching James fight a duel.
(c) Talking about the fact that they don't think Clarissa is really very sick.
(d) Preparing to throw a ball to celebrate Arabella's engagement.

15. To whom does Clarissa leave her music books and library?
(a) Dolly.
(b) Arabella.
(c) James.
(d) Lovelace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does James ask Belford to turn the executorship over to?

2. What errand does Miss Howe have in London, which means she will be able to visit Clarissa?

3. How does Morden feel after the duel?

4. Who are Mr. Mullins and Mr. Wyerley?

5. What do James and Arabella think causes their unhappiness in marriage?

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