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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Lovelace's last words?
(a) "The devil is coming for me."
(b) "I don't want to die"
(c) "Let this expiate."
(d) "Let this explain."

2. Why does Miss Howe say Clarissa's death makes it hard for her to marry Hickman?
(a) Because Hickman is busy being Clarissa's executor.
(b) Because Hickman doesn't care about Miss Howe as much now that Clarissa is dead.
(c) Because Mrs. Howe doesn't trust men any more, after what happened to Clarissa.
(d) Because she wants Clarissa's advice to help her get used to being a wife.

3. Who does Clarissa ask to be the executor of her will?
(a) Miss Howe.
(b) Mr. Hickman.
(c) Belford.
(d) Uncle Antony.

4. Why does Morden criticize Miss Howe?
(a) For not marrying Hickman quickly, as Clarissa asked her to.
(b) For not being serious enough.
(c) For not mourning Clarissa enough.
(d) For not being very smart.

5. Who are Mr. Mullins and Mr. Wyerley?
(a) Clarissa's cousins.
(b) Two men who wanted to marry Clarissa.
(c) Two policemen who are investigating Lovelace.
(d) Two of the varlets.

6. In Clarissa's posthumous letter to Lovelace, what does she say about her feelings for him?
(a) That she once loved him but now hates him, and expects he will be punished when he dies.
(b) That she liked him a little, but no more than she liked Mr. Solmes.
(c) That she did prefer him and hopes for his reformation.
(d) That she never cared for him.

7. What does Arabella say in her letter that arrived after Clarissa's death?
(a) That Arabella is marrying Mr. Wyerley.
(b) That Arabella is enjoying Clarissa's room and has taken all her jewelry.
(c) That the family loves Clarissa and will not reproach her.
(d) That she never wants to see Clarissa again.

8. When Clarissa's hearse arrives at Harlowe Place, who is following it?
(a) Paid mourners.
(b) A bunch of peasants from the village.
(c) Lovelace's varlets.
(d) Miss Howe and Mr. Hickman.

9. What does Clarissa do after the charges against her are dropped?
(a) She refuses to leave the jail at first.
(b) She tries to seduce the jail-keeper.
(c) She says she wants to stay and teach writing classes for the inmates.
(d) She runs outside and goes to see Miss Howe to celebrate.

10. Why does Clarissa want copies of Lovelace's letters to Belford?
(a) Because Clarissa hopes that if she reads these letters, she will be able to tell whether or not Lovelace really loves her.
(b) Because Clarissa wants to write a novel about everything that has happened to her.
(c) Because Clarissa suspects that Belford encouraged Lovelace to mistreat her.
(d) Because the Howes want to know all the details of Clarissa's story.

11. Which adjectives best describe Miss Howe's state of mind while viewing Clarissa's corpse?
(a) Calm and peaceful.
(b) Frantic and mournful.
(c) Amused and skeptical.
(d) Angry and confused.

12. What reason does Clarissa give Charlotte for continuing to refuse to marry Lovelace?
(a) The Lovelace family is not worthy of Clarissa.
(b) Clarissa does not believe she is strong enough to stand up for a wedding ceremony.
(c) If Clarissa married Lovelace, she would appear to be approving of his actions, and that would make her unworthy to be associated with the Lovelace family.
(d) Clarissa is in love with Mr. Solmes.

13. What does Belford tell Morden when Morden alerts him that James intends to ask him to give up his executorship?
(a) Belford says the only person he will give the executorship up to is Morden.
(b) Belford says he will do whatever Morden tells him to do.
(c) Belford says he will follow the family's wishes.
(d) Belford says he will not give up his executorship.

14. Why does Clarissa tell Morden he should not avenge her?
(a) Because she always loved Lovelace.
(b) Because if he kills Lovelace, Lord M will come to kill Morden.
(c) Because Lovelace is good with a sword and will kill Morden.
(d) Because vengeance is God's job.

15. Which family member recommends to Clarissa to stop seeing Belford, in hopes that she might be able to reconcile with the rest of the family if she does?
(a) Uncle Antony.
(b) Clarissa's mother.
(c) Clarissa's father.
(d) James.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the Harlowes doing when they get the news of Clarissa's death?

2. When Belton knows he is dying, how does he feel?

3. How does Morden feel after the duel?

4. What is Clarissa's coffin like?

5. Which members of Clarissa's family complain about her bequests to Dolly and Mrs. Norton?

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