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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Belford have to leave Clarissa's neighborhood to visit Belton?
(a) Because Lovelace wants Belford to leave so he can visit Clarissa alone.
(b) Because Belton is giving a ball, and Belford has to be there.
(c) Because Belton promised Belford a lot of money for visiting him.
(d) Because Belton is dying.

2. Who does Clarissa especially want to prevent from viewing her body?
(a) Miss Howe.
(b) Widow Sinclair.
(c) The varlets.
(d) Lovelace.

3. Who does Clarissa tell Miss Howe to be nicer to?
(a) Lovelace.
(b) Polly and Sally.
(c) Mr. Hickman.
(d) Widow Sinclair.

4. What do James and Arabella think causes their unhappiness in marriage?
(a) Solmes is out to get them.
(b) All marriages are unhappy.
(c) The fact that they did not inherit Morden's money.
(d) Their bad treatment of Clarissa.

5. What does Hickman tell Belford is causing Miss Howe to delay her marriage to Hickman?
(a) Miss Howe will not marry Hickman until he is as rich as Lovelace.
(b) Miss Howe will not marry Hickman until the weather is nicer.
(c) Miss Howe will not marry Hickman while Clarissa is unhappy.
(d) Miss Howe will not marry Hickman until he challenges Lovelace to a duel.

6. To whom does Clarissa send the mean letters she received from her family?
(a) Mr. Lovelace.
(b) Colonel Morden.
(c) Belford.
(d) Mrs. Norton.

7. Who (besides Clarissa) asks Belford to be the executor of a will?
(a) Uncle Antony and Uncle Harlowe.
(b) Lord M and Colonel Morden.
(c) Miss Howe and Mr. Hickman.
(d) Belton and Lovelace.

8. Why does Colonel Morden hide from Clarissa?
(a) He knows Clarissa hates when people watch her sleeping, so he doesn't want her to know he was doing that.
(b) He is afraid to see her because he feels guilty about not having helped her more.
(c) He thinks it would cheer her up if he jumped out from behind the curtains.
(d) He doesn't want to shock her, since she hasn't seen him in a long time and she is sick.

9. What does Morden bring Clarissa?
(a) A picture of her mother.
(b) Money from her estate.
(c) A rose diamond ring.
(d) A picture of Miss Howe.

10. What is Clarissa's coffin like?
(a) Very fancy and beautiful.
(b) Very plain.
(c) Completely transparent (made out of glass).
(d) Very ugly.

11. What are Lovelace's last words?
(a) "Let this expiate."
(b) "I don't want to die"
(c) "Let this explain."
(d) "The devil is coming for me."

12. When Belford criticizes Clarissa's family for its stubbornness, how does Clarissa respond?
(a) Clarissa says Belford is right, and her family will suffer in the afterlife for the way they have treated her.
(b) Clarissa says Belford is not being severe enough.
(c) Clarissa asks Belford if he will write to her family and tell them what he said about them.
(d) Clarissa tells Belford he doesn't have the right to criticize her family.

13. What do Lovelace's relatives want to give Clarissa to show their regard for her?
(a) All the money Lovelace expects to inherit from Lord M.
(b) A lot of jewelry and clothes.
(c) All their property.
(d) A quarterly allowance.

14. What activity does the apothecary recommend Clarissa do less of to improve her health?
(a) Fainting.
(b) Taking opium.
(c) Writing.
(d) Laying around.

15. What makes Colonel Morden threaten to avenge Clarissa?
(a) Morden learns that Clarissa was raped, not seduced.
(b) Morden realizes that Lovelace stole Clarissa's money.
(c) Morden finds out that Clarissa was pregnant.
(d) Morden learns from Brand that everyone is saying Morden's reputation is stained by Clarissa's actions.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Clarissa want her picture of Miss Howe to be given?

2. What does Arabella say in her letter that arrived after Clarissa's death?

3. How does M'Donald feel while dying?

4. Why doesn't Clarissa respond to Miss Howe's letter suggesting she put herself under Lady Betty's protection and marry Lovelace?

5. What part of Clarissa's body does Lovelace say he wants to keep with him?

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