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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Clarissa instruct Belford to be friends with?
(a) The varlets.
(b) James.
(c) Lovelace.
(d) Colonel Morden.

2. What does Arabella say in her letter that arrived after Clarissa's death?
(a) That the family loves Clarissa and will not reproach her.
(b) That Arabella is marrying Mr. Wyerley.
(c) That she never wants to see Clarissa again.
(d) That Arabella is enjoying Clarissa's room and has taken all her jewelry.

3. Who has Clarissa arrested?
(a) The Widow Sinclair.
(b) Lovelace.
(c) Her brother James.
(d) Solmes.

4. What weapons do Lovelace and Morden use to fight?
(a) Bare hands.
(b) Knives.
(c) Swords.
(d) Pistols.

5. Why does Miss Howe say Clarissa's death makes it hard for her to marry Hickman?
(a) Because she wants Clarissa's advice to help her get used to being a wife.
(b) Because Hickman is busy being Clarissa's executor.
(c) Because Hickman doesn't care about Miss Howe as much now that Clarissa is dead.
(d) Because Mrs. Howe doesn't trust men any more, after what happened to Clarissa.

6. Who does Clarissa ask to be the executor of her will?
(a) Mr. Hickman.
(b) Belford.
(c) Uncle Antony.
(d) Miss Howe.

7. What makes Lovelace's family accuse him of evil-doing in relation to Clarissa?
(a) His family knows that all Lovelace ever does is evil.
(b) His family has seen Clarissa's letters to Lovelace.
(c) Clarissa has a bad reputation, so Lovelace's family assume that Clarissa corrupted Lovelace.
(d) Lovelace seems to be lying when they ask Lady Betty asks him questions about Clarissa.

8. Who does James ask Belford to turn the executorship over to?
(a) James and Mr. Harlowe.
(b) Mr. Hickman.
(c) Clarissa's Uncle Antony and Uncle Harlowe.
(d) James and Arabella.

9. Which adjective best describes Clarissa's behavior when discussing her death with the doctor?
(a) Hysterical.
(b) Desperate.
(c) Calm.
(d) Angry.

10. How does Clarissa plan to pay for her funeral?
(a) She asks Miss Howe to take up a collection among her friends.
(b) She asks Lovelace to pay, since her death is his fault.
(c) She sells her clothes.
(d) She hopes that it will cost her family a lot of money.

11. When Clarissa's family say that they don't believe that she is very sick, what does she say will prove it?
(a) A photograph that Belford has taken of her.
(b) Everyone else in the house is getting sick, too.
(c) Her death.
(d) A note from her doctor.

12. What language was Clarissa learning before her death?
(a) Japanese.
(b) Chinese.
(c) Latin.
(d) Greek.

13. Who (besides Clarissa) asks Belford to be the executor of a will?
(a) Belton and Lovelace.
(b) Uncle Antony and Uncle Harlowe.
(c) Miss Howe and Mr. Hickman.
(d) Lord M and Colonel Morden.

14. Where does Clarissa want to be buried?
(a) In Westminster Abbey.
(b) In Lovelace's family's vault.
(c) In her grandfather's back yard.
(d) In her family's vault.

15. Which adjectives best describe Miss Howe's state of mind while viewing Clarissa's corpse?
(a) Calm and peaceful.
(b) Amused and skeptical.
(c) Angry and confused.
(d) Frantic and mournful.

Short Answer Questions

1. When most of Clarissa's family agrees to let Mrs. Norton go to visit Clarissa while she is dying, which member of the family holds out?

2. What does Mrs. Lovick tell Lovelace gives Clarissa the strength to leave the house?

3. When Lovelace reads Clarissa's letter about going to her "father's house," why is he happy?

4. How does Lovelace respond when the dying Clarissa forgives him?

5. When Lovelace goes to Clarissa's lodgings and she is not there, who does Lovelace leave to spy on her?

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