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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Clarissa respond to Miss Howe's letter suggesting she put herself under Lady Betty's protection and marry Lovelace?
(a) Clarissa thinks Miss Howe's letter is a forgery.
(b) Clarissa is still not speaking to Miss Howe.
(c) Clarissa is so upset she has lost the ability to hold a pen.
(d) Clarissa doesn't get the letter, because she's in jail.

2. When the Harlowe family is grieving Clarissa's death, what does Colonel Morden say was Clarissa's only fault?
(a) Her pride.
(b) Her unwillingness to forgive her family.
(c) Her lack of will power.
(d) Her willingness to forgive her family.

3. Why does Clarissa want copies of Lovelace's letters to Belford?
(a) Because Clarissa hopes that if she reads these letters, she will be able to tell whether or not Lovelace really loves her.
(b) Because Clarissa suspects that Belford encouraged Lovelace to mistreat her.
(c) Because Clarissa wants to write a novel about everything that has happened to her.
(d) Because the Howes want to know all the details of Clarissa's story.

4. How does Widow Sinclair act when Belford tells her she's dying?
(a) She laughs and tells him everyone's dying and she doesn't care.
(b) Hysterical.
(c) Calm and practical.
(d) She does not believe him.

5. Why does learning what Mr. Brand said in his letter to her family change the way Clarissa thinks about her family's treatment of her?
(a) Because Brand was watching the wrong woman, so everything he told them was about someone else.
(b) Because Brand had been paid off by Mr. Solmes to lie about Clarissa.
(c) Because Brand told them that they should reconcile with her, but they ignored him.
(d) Because the information that Brand provided made Clarissa look very bad.

6. What languages did Clarissa know well, besides English?
(a) German and Russian.
(b) Spanish and Chinese.
(c) French and Italian.
(d) Latin and Greek.

7. Who writes to Clarissa renewing an old marriage proposal and swearing to stay single as long as Clarissa is available to marry him?
(a) Mr. Wyerley.
(b) Miss Howe's Uncle Howard Howe.
(c) Mr. Solmes.
(d) Mr. Hickman's brother.

8. What stops Lovelace from killing himself when he learns of Clarissa's death?
(a) He's a coward and stops at the last minute.
(b) Will has taken all his weapons away.
(c) Lord M has Lovelace put in a padded cell to protect him.
(d) Clarissa's ghost appears and tells him to stop.

9. Which adjective best describes Clarissa's behavior when discussing her death with the doctor?
(a) Angry.
(b) Hysterical.
(c) Desperate.
(d) Calm.

10. How does Morden feel after the duel?
(a) Happy.
(b) Regretful.
(c) The reader can not tell.
(d) He doesn't feel anything, because he faints.

11. Who takes over the Poor Fund after Mrs. Norton's death?
(a) Mrs. Hickman (formerly Miss Howe).
(b) Widow Lovick.
(c) Widow Sinclair.
(d) Mrs. Harlowe.

12. To whom does Clarissa send the mean letters she received from her family?
(a) Mrs. Norton.
(b) Colonel Morden.
(c) Mr. Lovelace.
(d) Belford.

13. When most of Clarissa's family agrees to let Mrs. Norton go to visit Clarissa while she is dying, which member of the family holds out?
(a) Uncle Antony.
(b) Mrs. Howe.
(c) James.
(d) Aunt Antonia.

14. Who inherits the lands that were supposed to go to Lovelace?
(a) Arabella.
(b) M'Donald.
(c) Belford's son.
(d) James.

15. Who refuses to go to Belton's funeral?
(a) Belton's son.
(b) Belford.
(c) Lord M.
(d) Lovelace.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of Clarissa's body does Lovelace say he wants to keep with him?

2. What does Morden bring Clarissa?

3. When Lovelace reads Clarissa's letter about going to her "father's house," why is he happy?

4. What reason does Clarissa's doctor give for saying she does not have to pay him?

5. Who does James ask Belford to turn the executorship over to?

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