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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Clarissa decide London might be an acceptable place to stay?
(a) She thinks Lovelace might be more likely to leave her alone in London.
(b) She hopes to escape and join some travelling actors.
(c) She thinks it will be easier to get married in London.
(d) She knows she can catch a plane to America at Heathrow.

2. When Miss Howe says she is going to write to Clarissa even though her mother does not allow her to, what does Clarissa tell her?
(a) Clarissa is glad Miss Howe will still write to her.
(b) Clarissa tells Miss Howe to come to London in person.
(c) Clarissa tells Miss Howe she never really liked her anyway.
(d) Clarissa tells Miss Howe not to write, but that Mr. Hickman can write.

3. In letters 31-36, what does Lovelace tell his friend Belford about his feelings for Clarissa?
(a) That he does not love her and is only courting her to get back at her father and brother.
(b) That he is giving up on her, since she really is not into him.
(c) That he really does love her.
(d) That he plans to kidnap her and drug her.

4. Why doesn't Clarissa read the letter from Miss Howe that tells her that Widow Sinclair keeps a house of prostitution as soon as the letter arrives?
(a) Because Mr. Solmes intercepted the letter, so it never got to Widow Sinclair's house.
(b) Because Clarissa is not speaking to Miss Howe.
(c) Because Clarissa has fainted again.
(d) Because the letter arrives after Clarissa has run away.

5. How does Solmes believe husbands should handle wives?
(a) Keep them barefoot and in the kitchen.
(b) Treat them with love and respect.
(c) Allow them to act any way they want.
(d) Rule them through fear.

6. At the end of this section (letters 56-74), who is Clarissa pinning her hopes on?
(a) Her brother James.
(b) Colonel Morden.
(c) Her aunt Hervey.
(d) Her uncle Antony.

7. How does Clarissa know what Lovelace and Tomlinson said to each other?
(a) Tomlinson wrote Clarissa a letter and told her.
(b) Lovelace told Clarissa what they said.
(c) Clarissa eavesdropped on them.
(d) Dorcas told Clarissa what they said.

8. What advice does Mrs. Howe send to Clarissa?
(a) To obey her parents and marry Solmes.
(b) To change her hairstyle.
(c) To come and stay with Miss Howe until the whole thing blows over.
(d) To marry Lovelace.

9. When the Harlowes learn that Clarissa has run off with Lovelace, which family member is actually sad for Clarissa?
(a) Her aunt Clarissa.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Her mother.

10. Why is Clarissa's family happy that she has agreed to see Solmes?
(a) Solmes has agreed to give them money in return for a meeting with her.
(b) They believe this means she eventually will agree to marry him.
(c) They believe she will turn him down, and they can finally forget about the whole thing.
(d) Solmes threatened the family if they did not let him see her.

11. On whose birthday does Lovelace tentatively plan a wedding?
(a) Uncle Harlowe's.
(b) His own.
(c) The Widow SInclair's.
(d) Clarissa's.

12. How do Lovelace's friends react when they learn that Clarissa does not like them?
(a) They all decide to go to church.
(b) They tell Lovelace that Clarissa is not good enough to be his wife.
(c) They say she is reasonable and that Lovelace should marry her.
(d) They hope Clarissa will like them more later.

13. What does Mr. Belton learn that his mistress did to him?
(a) Ran off to New York.
(b) Told everyone that she and Belton were not married.
(c) Opened a house of prostitution.
(d) Gave Belton's money to her boyfriend.

14. What does Clarissa say about Mrs. Howe's refusal to help her?
(a) Clarissa says Mrs. Howe is the meanest old woman she knows.
(b) Clarissa says Mrs. Howe is going to pay for refusing to help her.
(c) Clarissa says that Mrs. Howe's decision proves that she is out of her mind.
(d) Clarissa says Mrs. Howe made the right decision in refusing to help her.

15. Why do Arabella and James want Clarissa to marry Solmes before Colonel Morden returns?
(a) James and Arabella are afraid Morden will give Clarissa her independence.
(b) James and Arabella know Morden will be happy about the marriage and they want to surprise him.
(c) James and Arabella plan to murder Morden when he returns and inherit his property.
(d) James and Arabella think Morden will talk Solmes out of wanting to marry Clarissa.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two characters visit Clarissa in letters 37-45 to try to persuade her to marry Solmes?

2. Why does Lovelace think it has been easy for Clarissa to be virtuous so far?

3. While on their way to Lady Betty's cousin's house, what excuse does Lovelace use for stopping at Widow Sinclair's house?

4. What does Miss Howe learn is the truth about Lovelace and Rosebud?

5. When Lovelace and Clarissa get a room together at an inn, what do they pretend to be?

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