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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Howe learn is the truth about Lovelace and Rosebud?
(a) Rosebud is Lovelace's daughter.
(b) Lovelace is just being nice to Rosebud, giving her money so she can afford to get married.
(c) Rosebud has a baby with Lovelace.
(d) Rosebud is really Lovelace in disguise.

2. Why doesn't Clarissa read the letter from Miss Howe that tells her that Widow Sinclair keeps a house of prostitution as soon as the letter arrives?
(a) Because Clarissa has fainted again.
(b) Because Mr. Solmes intercepted the letter, so it never got to Widow Sinclair's house.
(c) Because the letter arrives after Clarissa has run away.
(d) Because Clarissa is not speaking to Miss Howe.

3. When the Harlowes learn that Clarissa has run off with Lovelace, which family member is actually sad for Clarissa?
(a) Her brother.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her aunt Clarissa.
(d) Her mother.

4. Which of Lovelace's friends is pleased to learn of Clarissa's escape?
(a) Mr. Solmes.
(b) Will.
(c) Mr. Belford.
(d) Captain Tomlinson.

5. Where does Lovelace offer to take Clarissa to get her away from her family?
(a) A hotel.
(b) Uncle Antony's house.
(c) The house of his aunt, Lady Betty Lawrence.
(d) Italy.

6. What does Lovelace tell Clarissa that makes her feel bad for him?
(a) Lovelace says he spent two nights waiting for her in the chicken house and he can't stand the smell any longer.
(b) Lovelace says he's never kissed a girl because he's waiting for her.
(c) Lovelace says he has spent his entire fortune buying her presents.
(d) Lovelace says he has spent two nights in the garden waiting for her and he got sick as a result.

7. How does Clarissa escape while Lovelace is visiting Lord M?
(a) By hiding in the laundry when it is taken out.
(b) By jumping out the window.
(c) By disguising herself as a servant.
(d) By hiring body guards who break in to the house and escort her out.

8. What does Clarissa do with the proposed marriage settlement Lovelace gives to her?
(a) Sends it to Mrs. Harlowe.
(b) Changes it, so that Clarissa gets more money.
(c) Burns it.
(d) Sends it to Miss Howe for her approval.

9. What makes Lord M a bad choice for someone to give Clarissa away at the wedding?
(a) Lord M is very ugly.
(b) Lord M is ill with gout, so they can't set a date.
(c) Clarissa hates Lord M.
(d) Lord M hates Clarissa and does not want Lovelace to get married.

10. With whom does Lovelace have a child?
(a) Miss Betterton.
(b) Arabella.
(c) Miss Howe.
(d) Aunt Hervey.

11. What advice does Mrs. Howe send to Clarissa?
(a) To come and stay with Miss Howe until the whole thing blows over.
(b) To marry Lovelace.
(c) To obey her parents and marry Solmes.
(d) To change her hairstyle.

12. In letters 31-36, what does Lovelace tell his friend Belford about his feelings for Clarissa?
(a) That he does not love her and is only courting her to get back at her father and brother.
(b) That he really does love her.
(c) That he is giving up on her, since she really is not into him.
(d) That he plans to kidnap her and drug her.

13. What contest does Clarissa challenge James to?
(a) A game of chess.
(b) A duel.
(c) A wrestling match.
(d) A debate.

14. How does Lovelace know about everything that happens at Clarissa's house?
(a) He is psychic.
(b) He is secretly dating Arabella, who tells him what is happening.
(c) He has hired one of their servants as a spy.
(d) He hangs around in the bushes and listens to their conversations.

15. What does Lord M promise to do if Lovelace marries Clarissa but is a bad husband?
(a) Lord M says he will disinherit Lovelace and leave his money to Clarissa and her children instead.
(b) Lord M says Clarissa can divorce Lovelace and marry Lord M instead.
(c) Lord M says he will have Lovelace arrested and imprisoned.
(d) Lord M says he will lock Lovelace up in Lord M's dungeon until he promises to be good.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Belton learn that his mistress did to him?

2. Who is Mrs. Townsend?

3. Why does Clarissa faint when she finds out that they cannot leave the Widow Sinclair's house because Charlotte is sick?

4. Who is Miss Howe?

5. Why does Lord M want Lovelace to have children with Clarissa?

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