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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Lovelace's friends react when they learn that Clarissa does not like them?
(a) They say she is reasonable and that Lovelace should marry her.
(b) They tell Lovelace that Clarissa is not good enough to be his wife.
(c) They hope Clarissa will like them more later.
(d) They all decide to go to church.

2. When Mr. Lovelace proposes marriage to Arabella, why does she say no?
(a) She never liked him in the first place.
(b) She has heard he has seduced a lot of women.
(c) She never wants to get married at all.
(d) She does not like the way he talks to her.

3. On whose birthday does Lovelace tentatively plan a wedding?
(a) The Widow SInclair's.
(b) His own.
(c) Uncle Harlowe's.
(d) Clarissa's.

4. In letters 22-36, does Clarissa want to marry Solmes or Lovelace?
(a) Lovelace.
(b) She loves them both but can not decide which to marry.
(c) Neither.
(d) Solmes.

5. When Miss Howe finds out that Clarissa has run off with Lovelace, what does Miss Howe advise Clarissa to do?
(a) Run away to New York and become an actress.
(b) Hold out for as much money as she can get before agreeing to marry him.
(c) Marry Solmes as soon as possible.
(d) Marry Lovelace as soon as possible.

6. Who does Clarissa write to, asking for help persuading her father not to force her to marry Solmes?
(a) John Belford.
(b) Mrs. Howe.
(c) Uncle Antony.
(d) Aunt Antonia.

7. What does the Widow Sinclair overhear that makes her angry with Clarissa?
(a) The Widow Sinclair hears Clarissa saying that the carpets and drapes are in very bad taste.
(b) The Widow Sinclair hears Clarissa talking about her house's reputation.
(c) The Widow Sinclair hears Clarissa saying that the Widow Sinclair really needs to do something about her hair.
(d) The Widow Sinclair hears Clarissa saying that she's always loved Lovelace and is enjoying teasing him.

8. Clarissa admits she would prefer Lovelace if only he had what quality?
(a) Wealth.
(b) A great singing voice.
(c) Good looks.
(d) Morality.

9. What goal does Lovelace say he will achieve by trying to seduce Clarissa?
(a) Achieve his 100th seduction.
(b) Keep himself busy.
(c) Test his own seductiveness.
(d) Test the virtue of all women.

10. Why does Lord M want Lovelace to have children with Clarissa?
(a) Because Lord M loves kids.
(b) Because Lord M knows that Clarissa loves kids.
(c) So that Lovelace will have legitimate heirs.
(d) Because Lord M thinks fatherhood will help Lovelace stop drinking so much.

11. After Clarissa's family decide they don't want her to marry Lovelace, who do they pick out for her to marry instead?
(a) Mr. Lovelace's older brother.
(b) Mr. Salmon, who is 99 years old.
(c) Miss Howe's brother.
(d) Mr. Solmes.

12. Lovelace tells his friend Belford that he's happy to have Clarissa under his control, but that only one thing takes away from his happiness. What is that one thing?
(a) Lovelace suspects that Clarissa does not prefer him to any other man.
(b) Lovelace wishes Clarissa did not have any stain on her reputation.
(c) Lovelace wishes that Miss Howe and Mr. Hickman could be there with them to comfort Clarissa.
(d) Lovelace finds that Clarissa is not as beautiful as he thought at first.

13. Why does Lovelace expect to be pardoned if he succeeds in his plan to rape Mrs. Howe and Miss Howe?
(a) Because he expects Clarissa to defend him.
(b) Because everyone hates the Howes.
(c) Because of his family name, his money and his good looks.
(d) Because rape is considered a minor offense.

14. Why does Clarissa faint when she finds out that they cannot leave the Widow Sinclair's house because Charlotte is sick?
(a) She believes this is the final blow to her reputation.
(b) Charlotte is her best friend.
(c) The air at the Widow Sinclair's house smells so bad that Clarissa passed out from the fumes.
(d) Clarissa knows that Lovelace's next step will be to kidnap her and take her to Australia.

15. While on their way to Lady Betty's cousin's house, what excuse does Lovelace use for stopping at Widow Sinclair's house?
(a) He can't pass by without greeting the prostitutes.
(b) He wants to check his mail.
(c) He wants to drug and rape Clarissa.
(d) It's hot, so he wants to stop for water.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lovelace and Clarissa get a room together at an inn, what do they pretend to be?

2. Which two characters visit Clarissa in letters 37-45 to try to persuade her to marry Solmes?

3. When Miss Howe says she is going to write to Clarissa even though her mother does not allow her to, what does Clarissa tell her?

4. What does Mr. Belton learn that his mistress did to him?

5. Who does Mrs. Howe blame for her own refusal of Uncle Antony's marriage proposal?

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