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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Clarissa faint when she finds out that they cannot leave the Widow Sinclair's house because Charlotte is sick?
(a) The air at the Widow Sinclair's house smells so bad that Clarissa passed out from the fumes.
(b) Charlotte is her best friend.
(c) Clarissa knows that Lovelace's next step will be to kidnap her and take her to Australia.
(d) She believes this is the final blow to her reputation.

2. Why doesn't Clarissa read the letter from Miss Howe that tells her that Widow Sinclair keeps a house of prostitution as soon as the letter arrives?
(a) Because the letter arrives after Clarissa has run away.
(b) Because Clarissa is not speaking to Miss Howe.
(c) Because Mr. Solmes intercepted the letter, so it never got to Widow Sinclair's house.
(d) Because Clarissa has fainted again.

3. Why does Arabella say the Harlowes refuse to send Clarissa her money or jewelry?
(a) Because the family has gone bankrupt.
(b) Because they don't want the money to end up in Lovelace's hands.
(c) Because they don't think it is safe to mail money and jewelry.
(d) Because they want to see her beg in the streets.

4. How does Clarissa escape while Lovelace is visiting Lord M?
(a) By hiring body guards who break in to the house and escort her out.
(b) By hiding in the laundry when it is taken out.
(c) By jumping out the window.
(d) By disguising herself as a servant.

5. Why does Clarissa run away after the fire at Widow Sinclair's house?
(a) She believes Lovelace set the fire to get a chance to ravish her.
(b) She hates fire even more than Lovelace.
(c) She wants to join the circus.
(d) She set the fire herself so she could run away.

6. How does Lovelace know about everything that happens at Clarissa's house?
(a) He has hired one of their servants as a spy.
(b) He hangs around in the bushes and listens to their conversations.
(c) He is psychic.
(d) He is secretly dating Arabella, who tells him what is happening.

7. When Clarissa runs away after the fire, what does she plan to do if Lovelace does not find her?
(a) Go back to Harlowe Place and act like nothing happened.
(b) Stay right where she is.
(c) Marry Mr. Solmes.
(d) Leave the country.

8. How does Clarissa learn that the "Lady Betty" she first saw in London was an impostor?
(a) She exchanges letters with the real Lady Betty.
(b) She sees a picture of Lady Betty in the newspaper.
(c) Widow Sinclair admits it.
(d) Lovelace admits it.

9. Who does Lovelace persuade Clarissa to allow to serve as a mediator between them at Mrs. Moore's house?
(a) The Widow Sinclair.
(b) Lovelace's aunt, Lady Betty Lawrence.
(c) Mrs. Howe.
(d) Miss Howe.

10. What does Lord M promise to do if Lovelace marries Clarissa but is a bad husband?
(a) Lord M says he will lock Lovelace up in Lord M's dungeon until he promises to be good.
(b) Lord M says he will have Lovelace arrested and imprisoned.
(c) Lord M says he will disinherit Lovelace and leave his money to Clarissa and her children instead.
(d) Lord M says Clarissa can divorce Lovelace and marry Lord M instead.

11. On whose birthday does Lovelace tentatively plan a wedding?
(a) Uncle Harlowe's.
(b) The Widow SInclair's.
(c) His own.
(d) Clarissa's.

12. Who does Miss Howe threaten to take revenge on when her mother refuses to give Clarissa protection?
(a) Uncle Antony.
(b) Mr. Hickman.
(c) All men.
(d) Mr. Solmes.

13. Why do the women at Mrs. Moore's house take Lovelace's side?
(a) Lovelace promises to make them all rich if they help him.
(b) Women always side with a good-looking man.
(c) Lovelace tells the women that Clarissa is his wife.
(d) Clarissa is mean to them.

14. How does Clarissa's maid Betty treat her?
(a) Betty worships Clarissa.
(b) Betty treats Clarissa rudely.
(c) Betty tries to help Clarissa escape.
(d) Betty fears Clarissa.

15. After Clarissa's family decide they don't want her to marry Lovelace, who do they pick out for her to marry instead?
(a) Mr. Salmon, who is 99 years old.
(b) Mr. Lovelace's older brother.
(c) Mr. Solmes.
(d) Miss Howe's brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Clarissa planning to go while Lovelace visits the dying Lord M?

2. What important news does Colonel Morden's letter contain?

3. Who is Mrs. Townsend?

4. What does Clarissa say about Mrs. Howe's refusal to help her?

5. Why does Dr. Lewen refuse to perform the wedding ceremony?

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