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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lovelace swear to get revenge on Mr. Howe and James?
(a) Because Arabella refused to marry him.
(b) Because he finds out they hired spies to watch him.
(c) Because they are so mean to Clarissa.
(d) Because Mr. Howe owed him money and refused to pay.

2. When James writes to Clarissa and tells her she is basically under house arrest, where exactly does he tell her she has to stay?
(a) In the Tower of London.
(b) In the kitchen, where she will cook during the day and sleep on the floor at night.
(c) In her rooms, but she can go into the garden when no one else is there.
(d) In the cellar.

3. How does Clarissa learn that the "Lady Betty" she first saw in London was an impostor?
(a) Widow Sinclair admits it.
(b) She sees a picture of Lady Betty in the newspaper.
(c) She exchanges letters with the real Lady Betty.
(d) Lovelace admits it.

4. Who does Mrs. Howe blame for her own refusal of Uncle Antony's marriage proposal?
(a) Miss Howe.
(b) Mr. Hickman.
(c) Clarissa.
(d) Uncle Harlowe.

5. How do Lovelace's friends react when they learn that Clarissa does not like them?
(a) They hope Clarissa will like them more later.
(b) They say she is reasonable and that Lovelace should marry her.
(c) They all decide to go to church.
(d) They tell Lovelace that Clarissa is not good enough to be his wife.

6. In letters 22-36, does Clarissa want to marry Solmes or Lovelace?
(a) Lovelace.
(b) Solmes.
(c) Neither.
(d) She loves them both but can not decide which to marry.

7. What does Lord M promise to do if Lovelace marries Clarissa but is a bad husband?
(a) Lord M says he will have Lovelace arrested and imprisoned.
(b) Lord M says he will disinherit Lovelace and leave his money to Clarissa and her children instead.
(c) Lord M says he will lock Lovelace up in Lord M's dungeon until he promises to be good.
(d) Lord M says Clarissa can divorce Lovelace and marry Lord M instead.

8. Who is Tomlinson, really?
(a) Patrick M'Donald, a friend of Lovelace's.
(b) Mr. Solmes.
(c) Mr. Hickman.
(d) Lovelace in disguise.

9. In the dream Clarissa has, what does Lovelace do to her?
(a) Make her queen.
(b) Kill her.
(c) Call her names.
(d) Give her a pink cake with a tag that says "Eat me."

10. After the Howes learn of Lovelace's many tricks and his use of drugs to rape Clarissa, what do they think Clarissa should do?
(a) Bring legal charges against Lovelace.
(b) Marry Mr. Solmes quickly, in case Clarissa is pregnant.
(c) Go to rehab to make sure she does not get addicted.
(d) Drug him with opium and leave him in the gutter.

11. What does Lovelace say is the cause of all his sins?
(a) His high opinion of himself.
(b) His love of women.
(c) His drinking.
(d) His love of money.

12. Why does Lovelace spread a rumor that James still plans to kidnap Clarissa?
(a) To hurt James's reputation.
(b) Because it is true.
(c) Because Lovelace plans to kidnap Arabella.
(d) To make sure Clarissa will still want Lovelace's protection.

13. How does Miss Howe recommend Clarissa save her reputation?
(a) Marry Solmes.
(b) Marry Lovelace.
(c) Go to Scotland.
(d) Send a letter to the London Times explaining what happened.

14. What two reasons does Clarissa give for not visiting Lovelace's aunt, Lady Betty Lawrence?
(a) Clarissa is ill, and Lady Betty is boring.
(b) Clarissa is rich, but Lady Betty is poor.
(c) Clarissa has no clothes, and Lady Betty warned her not to come.
(d) Clarissa has no clothes, and Lady Betty has not invited her.

15. Who does Clarissa write to, asking for help persuading her father not to force her to marry Solmes?
(a) John Belford.
(b) Uncle Antony.
(c) Mrs. Howe.
(d) Aunt Antonia.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Clarissa visits Lovelace's bedroom in her nightgown, what does she ask him?

2. Why does Lovelace think that Lord M dying might help him get Clarissa to marry him?

3. In letters 31-36, what does Lovelace tell his friend Belford about his feelings for Clarissa?

4. What kind of place does Lovelace trick Clarissa into choosing for her lodging in London?

5. Who wrote the letter about Lovelace that Solmes reads?

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