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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Clarissa threatens to commit suicide in the dining room, what weapon does she have with her?
(a) A rope.
(b) A penknife.
(c) A sword.
(d) A gun.

2. Why does Clarissa faint when she finds out that they cannot leave the Widow Sinclair's house because Charlotte is sick?
(a) Charlotte is her best friend.
(b) Clarissa knows that Lovelace's next step will be to kidnap her and take her to Australia.
(c) She believes this is the final blow to her reputation.
(d) The air at the Widow Sinclair's house smells so bad that Clarissa passed out from the fumes.

3. When the Harlowes learn that Clarissa has run off with Lovelace, which family member is actually sad for Clarissa?
(a) Her brother.
(b) Her aunt Clarissa.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Her father.

4. Who is Tomlinson, really?
(a) Mr. Solmes.
(b) Lovelace in disguise.
(c) Patrick M'Donald, a friend of Lovelace's.
(d) Mr. Hickman.

5. What does Lovelace say is the cause of all his sins?
(a) His drinking.
(b) His love of women.
(c) His love of money.
(d) His high opinion of himself.

6. What does James plan to do with Clarissa if he "rescues" her?
(a) Have Clarissa arrested and sent to jail for prostitution.
(b) Send Clarissa to a convent.
(c) Send Clarissa to a madhouse.
(d) Send Clarissa to his estate in Scotland.

7. How does Clarissa learn that the "Lady Betty" she first saw in London was an impostor?
(a) Widow Sinclair admits it.
(b) She sees a picture of Lady Betty in the newspaper.
(c) Lovelace admits it.
(d) She exchanges letters with the real Lady Betty.

8. Why does Arabella say the Harlowes refuse to send Clarissa her money or jewelry?
(a) Because they want to see her beg in the streets.
(b) Because the family has gone bankrupt.
(c) Because they don't want the money to end up in Lovelace's hands.
(d) Because they don't think it is safe to mail money and jewelry.

9. Why does Lord M want Lovelace to have children with Clarissa?
(a) Because Lord M thinks fatherhood will help Lovelace stop drinking so much.
(b) So that Lovelace will have legitimate heirs.
(c) Because Lord M knows that Clarissa loves kids.
(d) Because Lord M loves kids.

10. How does Clarissa escape while Lovelace is visiting Lord M?
(a) By hiding in the laundry when it is taken out.
(b) By hiring body guards who break in to the house and escort her out.
(c) By disguising herself as a servant.
(d) By jumping out the window.

11. Why does Lovelace spread a rumor that James still plans to kidnap Clarissa?
(a) To make sure Clarissa will still want Lovelace's protection.
(b) Because it is true.
(c) Because Lovelace plans to kidnap Arabella.
(d) To hurt James's reputation.

12. Why does Lovelace swear to get revenge on Mr. Howe and James?
(a) Because Arabella refused to marry him.
(b) Because they are so mean to Clarissa.
(c) Because Mr. Howe owed him money and refused to pay.
(d) Because he finds out they hired spies to watch him.

13. In addition to the information about the Widow Sinclair, what else does the revealing letter from Miss Howe say?
(a) That Miss Howe used to work in the Widow Sinclair's house.
(b) That there is no such person as Captain Tomlinson.
(c) That there is no such person as Mr. Hickman, and Miss Howe does not really have a fiance.
(d) That Mr. Lovelace is an impostor, and Clarissa has never met the real Mr. Lovelace.

14. Why does Clarissa decide London might be an acceptable place to stay?
(a) She hopes to escape and join some travelling actors.
(b) She thinks it will be easier to get married in London.
(c) She knows she can catch a plane to America at Heathrow.
(d) She thinks Lovelace might be more likely to leave her alone in London.

15. In letters 31-36, what does Lovelace tell his friend Belford about his feelings for Clarissa?
(a) That he does not love her and is only courting her to get back at her father and brother.
(b) That he plans to kidnap her and drug her.
(c) That he really does love her.
(d) That he is giving up on her, since she really is not into him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lovelace offer to take Clarissa to get her away from her family?

2. Which of Lovelace's friends is pleased to learn of Clarissa's escape?

3. Why is Clarissa's family happy that she has agreed to see Solmes?

4. When James writes to Clarissa and tells her she is basically under house arrest, where exactly does he tell her she has to stay?

5. Lovelace tells his friend Belford that he's happy to have Clarissa under his control, but that only one thing takes away from his happiness. What is that one thing?

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