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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 521-537 dated September 28th through December 18th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lovelace expect to be pardoned if he succeeds in his plan to rape Mrs. Howe and Miss Howe?
(a) Because rape is considered a minor offense.
(b) Because everyone hates the Howes.
(c) Because of his family name, his money and his good looks.
(d) Because he expects Clarissa to defend him.

2. What makes Lovelace's family accuse him of evil-doing in relation to Clarissa?
(a) His family knows that all Lovelace ever does is evil.
(b) His family has seen Clarissa's letters to Lovelace.
(c) Clarissa has a bad reputation, so Lovelace's family assume that Clarissa corrupted Lovelace.
(d) Lovelace seems to be lying when they ask Lady Betty asks him questions about Clarissa.

3. Why does Lovelace think that Lord M dying might help him get Clarissa to marry him?
(a) Because he thinks Clarissa will feel sorry for him when he's grieving.
(b) Because he hopes the money he will inherit will impress Clarissa.
(c) Because Clarissa never liked Lord M.
(d) Because he suspects Clarissa loves Lord M, but once Lord M is dead, Clarissa will turn to Lovelace for comfort.

4. Who does Miss Howe threaten to take revenge on when her mother refuses to give Clarissa protection?
(a) Mr. Hickman.
(b) All men.
(c) Mr. Solmes.
(d) Uncle Antony.

5. Why does Lovelace swear to get revenge on Mr. Howe and James?
(a) Because they are so mean to Clarissa.
(b) Because Arabella refused to marry him.
(c) Because he finds out they hired spies to watch him.
(d) Because Mr. Howe owed him money and refused to pay.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Solmes believe husbands should handle wives?

2. When James writes to Clarissa and tells her she is basically under house arrest, where exactly does he tell her she has to stay?

3. Why does Colonel Morden hide from Clarissa?

4. Which adjective best describes Clarissa's behavior when discussing her death with the doctor?

5. What part of Clarissa's body does Lovelace say he wants to keep with him?

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