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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 207-217 dated May 25th through May 29th | Letters 218-224 dated May 30th through June 7th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When James writes to Clarissa and tells her she is basically under house arrest, where exactly does he tell her she has to stay?
(a) In her rooms, but she can go into the garden when no one else is there.
(b) In the Tower of London.
(c) In the cellar.
(d) In the kitchen, where she will cook during the day and sleep on the floor at night.

2. Why do Arabella and James want Clarissa to marry Solmes before Colonel Morden returns?
(a) James and Arabella think Morden will talk Solmes out of wanting to marry Clarissa.
(b) James and Arabella know Morden will be happy about the marriage and they want to surprise him.
(c) James and Arabella are afraid Morden will give Clarissa her independence.
(d) James and Arabella plan to murder Morden when he returns and inherit his property.

3. Clarissa admits she would prefer Lovelace if only he had what quality?
(a) Good looks.
(b) Morality.
(c) Wealth.
(d) A great singing voice.

4. What does Lord M promise to do if Lovelace marries Clarissa but is a bad husband?
(a) Lord M says he will lock Lovelace up in Lord M's dungeon until he promises to be good.
(b) Lord M says he will disinherit Lovelace and leave his money to Clarissa and her children instead.
(c) Lord M says Clarissa can divorce Lovelace and marry Lord M instead.
(d) Lord M says he will have Lovelace arrested and imprisoned.

5. Why does Lord M want Lovelace to have children with Clarissa?
(a) Because Lord M loves kids.
(b) Because Lord M thinks fatherhood will help Lovelace stop drinking so much.
(c) So that Lovelace will have legitimate heirs.
(d) Because Lord M knows that Clarissa loves kids.

Short Answer Questions

1. What contest does Clarissa challenge James to?

2. Why is Clarissa's family happy that she has agreed to see Solmes?

3. What two reasons does Clarissa give for not visiting Lovelace's aunt, Lady Betty Lawrence?

4. Who is Tomlinson, really?

5. In the dream Clarissa has, what does Lovelace do to her?

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