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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 342-350 dated July 20th through July 22nd | Letters 351-369 dated July 20th through July 27th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice does Mrs. Howe send to Clarissa?
(a) To come and stay with Miss Howe until the whole thing blows over.
(b) To change her hairstyle.
(c) To marry Lovelace.
(d) To obey her parents and marry Solmes.

2. Why does Lovelace think that Lord M dying might help him get Clarissa to marry him?
(a) Because he hopes the money he will inherit will impress Clarissa.
(b) Because Clarissa never liked Lord M.
(c) Because he suspects Clarissa loves Lord M, but once Lord M is dead, Clarissa will turn to Lovelace for comfort.
(d) Because he thinks Clarissa will feel sorry for him when he's grieving.

3. What does Miss Howe learn is the truth about Lovelace and Rosebud?
(a) Rosebud has a baby with Lovelace.
(b) Lovelace is just being nice to Rosebud, giving her money so she can afford to get married.
(c) Rosebud is Lovelace's daughter.
(d) Rosebud is really Lovelace in disguise.

4. When Belford criticizes Clarissa's family for its stubbornness, how does Clarissa respond?
(a) Clarissa tells Belford he doesn't have the right to criticize her family.
(b) Clarissa says Belford is not being severe enough.
(c) Clarissa asks Belford if he will write to her family and tell them what he said about them.
(d) Clarissa says Belford is right, and her family will suffer in the afterlife for the way they have treated her.

5. At the end of this section (letters 56-74), who is Clarissa pinning her hopes on?
(a) Colonel Morden.
(b) Her aunt Hervey.
(c) Her brother James.
(d) Her uncle Antony.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Solmes believe husbands should handle wives?

2. What does Lord M promise to do if Lovelace marries Clarissa but is a bad husband?

3. How does Clarissa's maid Betty treat her?

4. Why does Lovelace think it has been easy for Clarissa to be virtuous so far?

5. When Clarissa visits Lovelace's bedroom in her nightgown, what does she ask him?

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