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Objective: Preface, Letters 1-10 dated January 10th through February 27th | Letters 11-21 dated March 1st through March 4th In the first third of Clarissa, students will watch the central character thinking through a set of choices that, at first glance, seem very different from any choices they have ever made or are likely to make. As the novel moves along, students may be able to recognize how Clarissa's choices parallel choices modern people make. In order to get there, however, it will be important for students at the beginning to identify and begin to understand the differences between a young woman's life in early 18th-century England and young women's lives today. This lesson will focus on developing understanding of the cultural and legal restrictions on women in 18th-century England.

1) Group Discussion: Point out to the students that Clarissa lives in a very different world than we do...

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