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Preface, Letters 1-10 dated January 10th through February 27th | Letters 11-21 dated March 1st through March 4th

• Clarissa Harlowe is a virtuous young woman, and Miss Howe is her best friend.

• Mr. Lovelace courts Clarissa's sister, Arabella, who says no when he proposes.

• Lovelace falls in love with Clarissa and asks permission to court her.

• After a short time, the Harlowes decide to keep Clarissa apart from Lovelace.

• The Harlowes decide that Clarissa should marry Mr. Solmes.

• Clarissa can not stand Mr. Solmes and refuses to marry him.

• Clarissa tells Miss Howe she is not in love with Lovelace.

• James and Uncle Antony hire spies to watch Lovelace.

• Lovelace finds out about the spies and vows revenge.

• Mr. Harlowe offers Clarissa rewards if she marries Solmes and threatens his displeasure if she doesn't.

• Clarissa admits to her mother that she is corresponding with Lovelace.

• Clarissa is forbidden to...

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