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Short Answer Questions

1. After Jonathan responds to thief leader's suggestion now the thief leader wants to talk "____."

2. Jonathan begged the thief leader to ____ again and to hurry up and go.

3. The second knock on the Iwegbu door was ____ and imperious.

4. Jonathan is usually a ____ sleeper.

5. Who does Jonathan call as a witness that he does not have the money the thief leader demands?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Achebe presents several themes in this story. How does the Iwegbu family embody each of these specific themes: survival, family cohesiveness, and resourcefulness?

Essay Topic 2

What is a protagonist? What makes Jonathan the protagonist of this story? Cite details from the story to support responses.

Essay Topic 3

What do faith, miracles, and God have to do with the development of Jonathan's character and the story?

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