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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Jonathan find still standing in his neighborhood?

2. To whom did Jonathan sell palm wine?

3. This survivor's greeting is given in the first days of ______ after the war.

4. To whom were the akara balls sold.

5. What did Jonathan turn in to be able to get this award payment.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is "egg-rasher" being issued?

2. How does Jonathan's speech more exhibit civil peace than the thief leader's idea of civil peace?

3. Why did Jonathan bribe the soldier at his door?

4. Why does Jonathan refuse the leader thief's mocking offer?

5. What does Jonathan do after acquiring building materials?

6. How does the Iwegbu family behavior show their ability to adapt and survive?

7. What does the thief think civil peace is?

8. How do the Iwegbu family make money after moving back home?

9. What happens once the Iwegbu family knows who is at their door?

10. Would Jonathan be considered an entrepreneur? Why or why not?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How do the words and character actions in the last two paragraphs of this story embody the overall theme of survival of not just Jonathan and his family, but his neighbors?

Essay Topic 2

Achebe advocated for the fallen Biafran Republic and eventually left Nigeria for Europe to keep from being imprisoned by the Nigerian government. In Civil Peace, during and beyond the war, there are hints of the Nigerian government doing what it can to stamp out the rebels, their money, and their authority. What are some instances of this from the story? Discuss these issues surrounding the instability of the Nigerian government and the Biafran Republic as told through Civil Peace.

Essay Topic 3

Jonathan kept his money in the house in a strong box. How does this help the thief? How does this help Jonathan and his family? If the money had been in a bank, how would this have affected the story?

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