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Short Answer Questions

1. To whom were the akara balls sold.

2. How much money in Biafran pounds was paid to the carpenter for the repairs?

3. Where did Jonathan's taxi go?

4. What does Jonathan count himself to be?

5. How many human heads are safe in Jonathan's family?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who do the thieves call to help the family?

2. What does the thief think civil peace is?

3. What is "egg-rasher?"

4. Who uses Jonathan's new service?

5. What does Jonathan realize as he prepares to negotiate with the leader thief?

6. What does the greeting "happy survival" signify?

7. What does Jonathan do after acquiring building materials?

8. What significance is the Coal Corporation to Jonathan and others?

9. Why was Jonathan suspicious of the soldier that commanded use of his bicycle?

10. What causes Jonathan to wake so suddenly?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How do the words and character actions in the last two paragraphs of this story embody the overall theme of survival of not just Jonathan and his family, but his neighbors?

Essay Topic 2

Jonathan really appreciates the usefulness of his bicycle. How is this appreciation shown through out the story? Cite story details to support your responses.

Essay Topic 3

Jonathan kept his money in the house in a strong box. How does this help the thief? How does this help Jonathan and his family? If the money had been in a bank, how would this have affected the story?

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