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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What condition were the clothes of the person requesting Jonathan's bicycle?
(a) New.
(b) Overly large.
(c) In rags.
(d) Too tight.

2. What did Jonathan find still standing in his neighborhood?
(a) His house.
(b) His church.
(c) The school.
(d) The butcher shop.

3. What was inked on the clothing of the person at Jonathan's front door?
(a) Two stars.
(b) Three circles.
(c) Numbers.
(d) A name.

4. Who used Jonathan's taxi service?
(a) Camp officials.
(b) Neighbors.
(c) Visitors.
(d) Soldiers.

5. To whom did Jonathan sell palm wine?
(a) Government visitors.
(b) Neighbors.
(c) Soldier's wives.
(d) Soldiers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Jonathan collect to repair his house?

2. How much money was counted into Jonathan's palms?

3. How did people feel about paying Jonathan the fare?

4. What did a man do a couple of days earlier when his payment was stolen?

5. What goes deep to Jonathan's heart?

Short Essay Questions

1. What could Jonathan's home and the destroyed concrete edifice symbolize about how the civil war impacted Nigeria and Biafra?

2. Why was Jonathan suspicious of the soldier that commanded use of his bicycle?

3. What does Jonathan's home mean to him and his family?

4. How do the Iwegbu family make money after moving back home?

5. What happened to a man who got his payment a few days before Jonathan received his payment?

6. What is "egg-rasher?"

7. How did Jonathan almost lose his bicycle during the war and what did he do to keep it safe?

8. Why do the customers use Jonathan's service?

9. What significance is the Coal Corporation to Jonathan and others?

10. How does Jonathan behave after receiving his "egg-rasher?"

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