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Lesson 1 (from Paragraph 1 (Page 1))


Paragraph 1 (Page 1)

An author expresses a story with a specific writing style. The chosen writing style determines the sentence structure, point of view, formality or informality of the story. Writing style is an important choice since it impacts the reader's story experience. In this first paragraph of Civil Peace we are introduced to Achebe's chosen writing style for this story. The focus of this lesson is to examine the writing style used for this story.


1) Class Discussion: What is writing style? What reasons would an author have for not using a specific style? (e.g. it does not convey the story the way they want) Give examples of writing style elements (e.g. point of view, sentence structure, formal or informal writing) and define each element.

2) Small groups: Using the identified writing style elements, find and give examples of some of them from the first...

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