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Paragraph 1 (Page 1)

• Jonathan Iwegbu is a war survivor.

• He praises God for the miracle of his, his wife's, and his kids' lives.

• He also praises God for the miracle of his bicycle, even though not to be compared to the lives of him and his family.

Paragraph 2 (Page 1)

• Jonathan considers the fact that he has his bicycle intact after the war a miracle.

• His bicycle was demanded for use by a soldier, but Jonathan was able to bribe the soldier.

• He then buried his bicycle in the graveyard near his son's grave, and when he dug it up a year later it worked fine, just needing some oil.

Paragraph 3 (Page 1)

• Jonathan uses his bicycle to start a taxi service.

• He takes people across a four-mile stretch to tarred road, charging six Biafran pounds per trip.

• After two weeks he has earned 115 Biafran pounds from this enterprise.

Paragraph 4 (Pages 1-2)

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