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Massachusetts - This was the state where Thoreau was a resident.

Framingham - This town is the location of Thoreau's fiery anti-slavery address Slavery in Massachusetts that he delivered at an Independence Day meeting.

Concord - This is the town where Thoreau lived and worked as a surveyor and schoolmaster.

Old Marlborough Road - This was an abandoned path near Thoreau's home town on which he enjoyed walking.

Kansas and Nebraska - These territories were allowed to determine for themselves whether or not slavery would be allowed within the territories.

Rhine River - In the essay "Walking", Thoreau referred to this as a metaphor for the rich history of Europe.

Boston Courthouse - This was the scene of a violent encounter between state officials and anti-slavery protesters who attempted to free a fugitive slave being held there.

Concord Bridge, Lexington Common, Bunker Hill - Thoreau referred to...

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