Civil Disobedience, and Other Essays Character Descriptions

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Henry D. Thoreau - This person described himself as a surveyor and also as a schoolmaster, but only part time.

John Brown - This person was the abolitionist who led an armed raid at the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry.

Edward Greely Loring - This person was the U.S. Slave Commissioner who decided to return a fugitive slave to his owner in Virginia.

William Paley - This was the author of Duty of Submission to Civil Government.

Thomas Simms - This person was fugitive slave that was returned to his owner by Massachusetts in 1851.

Anthony Burns - This person was the slave that the attackers on the Boston Courthouse were trying to free.

Governor Wise - This person was an official in Virginia at the time of the raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia.

Colonel Washington - This person led the force that captured the raiders at...

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