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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Tale 2", what does Juwain say he plans on changing?
(a) City living.
(b) Venus' climate.
(c) Space travel.
(d) Human evolution.

2. In "Tale 1", what does Gramps feel is jeopardizing cities and civilization?
(a) Disease.
(b) A lack of human compassion.
(c) Automatic machines.
(d) War.

3. How does Jerome feel about the decline of the city?
(a) He is angry about it.
(b) He enjoyes it.
(c) He is remorseful about it.
(d) He doesn't think of it.

4. In "Tale 1", where does Mark say he is moving?
(a) Next door to Gramps.
(b) To New York.
(c) To the country.
(d) To a suburb.

5. What does Bounce believe the purpose of cities are?
(a) They are the centers of civilization.
(b) They are meant to be a prison.
(c) They are just a made-up story.
(d) They are used to trick people.

6. In "Tale 3", what is the purpose of the census?
(a) To predict the future population.
(b) To watch the people living in the woods.
(c) To see who is left on Earth.
(d) To compare Earth's population to Mars'.

7. What does the editor say may happen to people who read the Tales?
(a) They may go insane.
(b) They may stop reading the Tales.
(c) They may believe them.
(d) They may turn against the Dogs.

8. In "Tale 3", where does Nathaniel invite Grant?
(a) Shopping.
(b) Out to dinner.
(c) Hunting.
(d) In his house.

9. How do most Dogs feel about travel between planets?
(a) They think it's easy.
(b) They don't believe man was capable of this travel.
(c) They think it isn't possible.
(d) They think it's evil.

10. What skills help the Dogs to become a master race?
(a) Literacy skills.
(b) Building skills.
(c) Physical skills.
(d) Math skills.

11. In the Preface, what does the editor say many humans do in Tale 7?
(a) Put themselves in suspended animation.
(b) Being living underground.
(c) Start over again on the South Pole.
(d) Go into hiding.

12. Why does Bounce say that "Tale 3" is a favorite among Dogs?
(a) Because it's about food.
(b) Because it's the first to mention Dogs.
(c) Because it is about mutants.
(d) Because it doesn't mention war.

13. How does Jerome first turn down the chance to perform Juwain's surgery?
(a) He says he has other plans.
(b) He says he is ill too.
(c) He says he can't leave the house.
(d) He says he doesn't have the money to travel.

14. In the Preface, what does the editor say about the Cities in this novel?
(a) They suffer a decline.
(b) They are subjected to disease.
(c) They are attacked.
(d) They are a mystery to all.

15. What does Bruce believe will happen if humans and Dogs work side-by-side?
(a) They will save the cities.
(b) They will come up with new philosophies.
(c) They will start wars between them.
(d) They will be more financially productive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What job offer does Johnny receive in "Tale 1"?

2. Why does Johnny have a problem with where Levi is living?

3. In the Preface, what is said to happen to humanity?

4. In the Preface, what does the editor say some Dogs view humans as?

5. What is Jerome doing in "Tale 2"?

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