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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Matuwe?

2. How does Mauro Carias usually travel?

3. Why is a watch useless in the jungle?

4. Why is the compass useless in the jungle?

5. How does gossip claim Mauro Carias gathered gold flakes?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Alex's mother and Nadia's mother alike?

2. How do the kidnapping People of the Mist treat Alex differently than Nadia?

3. Why are Alex and Nadia not frightened by their encounter with the People of the Mist?

4. What unexpected injury does Alex sustain while waiting to be rescued and how does it affect him?

5. Why are watches and compasses of little use in the Amazon jungle?

6. What causes the kidnappers to become angry with Nadia and how is the problem resolved?

7. What does Alex do to demonstrate his courage to the kidnappers, and what is the effect of his demonstration?

8. What device do the People of the Mist use that enables them to climb trees easily?

9. What defeats most adventurers who go into the Amazon seeking riches?

10. How does Omayra Torres plan to persuade the Indians to accept vaccinations?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare Alex's idea of what it means to be civilized, as he explains it in Chapter Four, with the ideas of Kate or Padre Valdomero, using quotations from the text. Which point of view is closer to your own?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss fear as a theme in this story. Explain the advice on overcoming fear Alex receives from Kate and from Nadia, and the advice he remembers from his father and offers to Nadia when she faces her own fear. Which characters are governed by fears? Which are not?

Essay Topic 3

Compare two of the girls who are important to Alex in this story. Consider Cecilia Burns, Morgana, his sisters Andrea and Nicole, and Nadia. In what was are the two you selected similar? How are they different? What does he learn from each?

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