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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What most surprises Alex that people can do without?
(a) Televisions.
(b) Telephones.
(c) Malls.
(d) Music players.

2. How does Lisa feel about Kate?
(a) She's afraid of her.
(b) She worships her.
(c) She stays away from her.
(d) She is bored by her.

3. What incident causes Alex to become angry and demolish his own bedroom?
(a) His mother going to the hospital.
(b) His mother passing out in the kitchen.
(c) His father's shaving his mother's head.
(d) His sister crying about his mother's illness.

4. What effect does the Amazon beast have on humans around him?
(a) They never recover from the shock.
(b) They are hypnotized.
(c) They faint or are paralyzed from his odor.
(d) Their memories are wiped and they forget having seen him.

5. Which of Kate's habits are bad for her health?
(a) Refusing to exercise and forgetting to eat.
(b) Smoking a pipe and forgetting to eat.
(c) Drinking vodka and refusing to exercise.
(d) Drinking vodka and smoking a pipe.

6. What practical joke does Alex recall Kate playing on him?
(a) She gave him chocolates filled with hot sauce.
(b) She gave him a leaky glass.
(c) She gave him an exploding candy bar.
(d) She gave him a collapsing chair.

7. Who does Alex envision as his future wife?
(a) Nicole.
(b) Nadia.
(c) Andrea.
(d) Cecelia.

8. What is Professor LeBlanc's opinion about humanoid beasts?
(a) They are smarter than humans.
(b) They are terrifying.
(c) They do not exist.
(d) They are nothing to fear.

9. What has Professor LeBlanc spent the last several years pursuing?
(a) Sasquatch.
(b) The Lock Ness monster.
(c) The Chupacabras.
(d) Yeti.

10. What was Karakawe hired to do for Ludovic Leblanc?
(a) Fan him.
(b) Lead him.
(c) Cook for him.
(d) Guide him.

11. What does Morgana teach Alex by stealing his possessions?
(a) She teaches him to be generous and unafraid.
(b) She teaches him to be wary and less trusting.
(c) She teaches him to hate everyone.
(d) She teaches him to use drugs and relax.

12. What does Kate give Alex to replace the losses from Morgana's theft?
(a) His grandfather's flute.
(b) Sincere sympathy.
(c) Money for the trip.
(d) Her old camera.

13. According to Padre Valdomero, a captured Indian is a _____________Indian.
(a) Friendly.
(b) Careless.
(c) Dead.
(d) Surprised.

14. Who is the photographer for the expedition?
(a) Ludovic Leblanc.
(b) Joel Gonzalez.
(c) Timothy Bruce.
(d) Cesar Santos.

15. How does Kate teach Alex not to smoke?
(a) By making him smoke cigars.
(b) By promising him a reward if he never smoked.
(c) By introducing him to a cigarette addict.
(d) By showing him medical records.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the conspirators hope to get?

2. Why are piranhas useful?

3. How do the Amazon natives feel about wealth?

4. What is Ludovic Leblanc's profession?

5. Why does Alex enjoy mountain climbing?

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